Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lapis Legit~~Thousand Layer Cake

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Salam, Kia Ora......

Before I started blogging, I've told myself that if I ever have a blog......I want to make it as simple as possible and interesting.  I love blog walking but just hate it when bloggers have too many widgets and applications on their blog.  It takes ages to download the page, I pity ppl who are still using dial-up :/ That's why I tell myself to keep my blog as simple as possible.

Baking is a challenge here as baking ingredients are very limited. There's no Phoon Huat or Bake With Yen shop here so, I've to get friends and family to buy me halal ovalette and cake lapis spice from Malaysia & Singapore.  Luckily, pandan paste is available at the asian store.  I luv everything pandan......cakes, buns, cookies, coconut jams.....yummmy ;p

This is my 1st attempt at making this cake.  It was epic!!!!  I made this last Wednesday and I almost drop dead in front of the oven.....hahahaz just a figure of speech 'lah'.  Hmmmmzzz it took me almost 6.5hrs from the start of preparation, to baking layer by layer times 25 layers.  I don't have any kitchenaid to help with the mixing and whisking just a small kambrook hand mixer.  The beating of the butter and egg whites drained half of my energy and the other half of my energy was drained from baking the layers.....drama, drama.....LOL!!!  Phheeewwww alhamdullilah, it turned out right and yummilicous.  Hb and Jannah ate them like there's no tomorrow......hahahahaz.

I was inspired by the queen of cakes, HRH Rima *wink* *wink* I luv her blog.  Original recipe was from here....
Some helpful tips for baking a successful layer cake but its in Bahasa Indonesia from  here


75 gr caster sugar
555g butter - I used Anchor
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
20 gr condensed milk

450 gr egg yolk - I used 24 size 7 eggs
50 gr caster sugar

300 gr caster sugar
350 gr egg whites - Between 10-12 eggs, can't remember how many exactly

50 gr milk powder
140 gr plain flour
20 gr corn flour
4 tbsp lapis spice - I added 20g

Pan 8x8 inches

  • - Whisk 'B' for 2 - 3 minutes....put aside
  • - In another bowl, whisk 'A' with medium speed for 12 minutes.  Once done add 'B' into 'A' little at time beating well with low speed.
  • - Whisk 'C' using medium speed until stiff, and add to 'A' and 'B' mixture
  • - Add 'D' and mix well - I used my mixer at medium speed.
  • - Bake layer by layer (80g per layer) using grill (upper fire) at 175 deg C for abt 7 minutes per layer.
  • - Bake last layer using upper and lower heat for 10 mins.

My oven must have been too hot when I baked the last layer :(  and I must find a perfect square pan.  This pan's top is slightly larger than the bottom.
Need to practice cutting cakes prefectly....its a little slanted here...hehehez :D
Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


somuffins said...


Salam. I bloghop dari dapur Rima.
Tahniah berjaya buat kek lapis setelah berhempas pulas close to 7 hrs. Maybe the weather there is condusive; maka taklah you rasa panas kot??

Happy blogging :-)

Anie said...

Salam somuffins,

Thk u sebab sudi jengok2 blog sy :). Mmg betul tak kepanasan biler bake kek lapis tu...cuma ada perasaan takut jer sebab takut tak jadi....hehehez

Sy ni mmg one of u punya silent reader...slalu ketawa golek golek biler baca ur post :) esp pasal si besar agam and gambar model perempuan melayu terakhir yg pakai kain batik itew......i like :D

somuffins said...


You are my silent reader? Janganlah selamanya silent. Anyway, thank you sebab sudi baca my merepek meraban tu :-)

J. Adé said...

Congratulations on your blog. My blog is still in infancy state, and I think I will just leave it there for now. Lagi tak berkuasa untuk continue....

Alamak, Anie, as usual your cakes and makan stuff memang menggoda. But you know what, kat sini pon takde Phoon Huat, Moon Huat, Gim Hin semua...emulsifier, ovelette, ovaltine dan apa2 yang sewaktu dengannya semua takde.

Jadi nak testing your recipes, and other asian bloggers nyer recipe macam ter-motivated. Tapi kalau angin rajin menyeru, kita improvise aje lah yee,janji dapat makan :D

Anie said...

J. Adé...

Tks Kak ;) Blogging ni memang take up your time. Since I penduduk tetap kat my own home, that's why lah I decided to waste my time blogging...hehehez

Nasib baik ada jugak org yg baik hati nak belikan I all the baking stuffs, alhamdullah :) Yang fancy2 baking equipment mcm bakers dkt SG guna pon takde jual kat the pan with cookie cutters, aluminium angel food cake, cookie cutters yg cute2 (kat sini punya besar mcm tapak tangan seh) my hb slalu ckp my cookies ni kecik2~~asian sized, dia suruh buat besar2 mcm tapak tangan. Eiiiwww tak cantik kan...hehehez

Tapi milo, ovaltine, pandan, durian paste ada jual kat sini. Horlicks jer mahal, satu jar almost $10 so far, I havent attempted any recipe using horlicks yet...

InsyaAllah one day u'll be motivated again, looking forward to ur blog ;)

Anie said...


I dah menjelma kat ur blog ;) ada nampak tak?? hehehez

cek chun said...

hai. bloghopping from rima's. gud luck for the contest. i think u deserve it :)

Anie said...

Tenkiu Cek Chun, u ada join the contest jugak ke? Kalau ada, gd luck to u too ;)

Yat Maria said...

OMG..7hrs??? for that alone, I hope u win the contest from Rims la..aduh!!! pengsan I klu 7 jam..I belum sampai tahap ni lagi..baru prune layer jer I dah surrender..tu pun I started with 10 yolks punya recipe ..then upgraded myself to the 15 yolks one.. told u my bakes sumer tgk the no. of eggs..tapi kan klu my dude bilang I dia nak belanja I that DSLR, I sanggup buatkan dia this lapis..haha..tapi tarak pong!!!

Anie said...

Ah ah Yat....I buat kerje terkedek2 agaknya...hahahaz. Preparation ajer took a long time....maklum lah 1st time separate 24 biji telur lepas tu nak kena beat butter lah, beat eggs separately, nak kena cuci mixer punya beater sebelum tukar2 kerja lah...panjang btol citer dia. And then the 1st few layers I took almost 20mins to bake each layer until I finally managed to adjust the oven's temperature. Tapi it was really2 worth it lah babe, my effort btol paid off...happpiiieee :D

I pun tgh harap2kan DSLR jugak hari tu masa beli laptop baru dah tunjuk2 dkt my hb...huahuahua....makin botak ler kepalanya :p

zarin said...

hello dear!
blog hopping from rima ;-)
lamanya u baked this cake but the result cantik sangat all those layers tu...
all the best for the contest ye :D

Anie said...

Tenkiu Zarin, Welcome to my blog ;)
1st time buat ni pasal tu lama agaknya....kalau dah terror sikit mungkin cuma take 5hrs55mins ajer tak?? hehehehez :)
All the best to u too for the contest dear....

Arthur said...

hi thr! i stumbled upon your blog when searching for halal emulsifier.

im new in cake baking and wish to know how choose halal emulsifier? when i see the ingredient list, mostly are of doubtful ingredient. hope you can give me some advice. thank you!

Anie said...

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and sorry I took so long to reply. Hope u have already found the halal emulsifier that u r looking for. My halal emulsifier are all bought in Singapore. There is a halal logo on the packaging. So, there is no doubt abt the product containing non-halal ingredients.