Friday, November 12, 2010

My Wednesday

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Salam, Kia Ora.....

I'm back ;)  Wednesday was a busy day for me as I had to run a few errands and it was also my grocery shopping day.  I had planned to go and meet 2 of my Malaysian friends, go to Scullery (a special store selling quality cookwares, bakewares & cake decorating items), pay bills, buy halal meat at the butcher and buy groceries at the supermarket.   

I wanted to go to Scullery to get me the Wilton cake decorating set....but to my dismay :( they have sold out on that.  What luck do I have....haiiizz, the other time I went there to get me an angel cake pan, it was also sold out.  When I asked if the stock will be replenished, the sales person said no.  Hmmmzzz, last Wednesday, I saw there were 2 angel cake pans on display, it was $38 each, liar, liar sales person hmmmph!!  I was over that cake pan anyway....hahahaz.  I didn't even bother to get it bcos I've already bought one somewhere else.

I was drooling and ogling at other bakewares, when the sales person came to me and asked if I needed any help or was I just having fun at the bakeware corner....hahahaz.  I told him yes I'm happy just looking at them and do not have any intention of buying any.  Next time when I go there, I'm so gonna get that Chicago brownie pan with cutter.  It cost $40 but its so heavy and the pan quality is superb, hmmmzz maybe its just gonna be a dream..hahahaz.  Anyway,  I didn't leave the store empty handed, bought me the Wilton colouring, yellow & black and measuring spoons.  I wonder why do I keep on losing those measuring spoons.  This time I got the stainless steel ones, there's a chain keeping the spoons together.  I'm sure they are gonna last me a lifetime.  Left the shop $33 poorer but still didn't get what I wanted in the 1st place :(

Since I was in the town area, I decided to go to Living And Giving & Stevens (the same kinda speciality store).  Living And Giving doesn't have the Wilton set either instead they tried to sell me another brand.  I left the store empty handed and went around the town area to look for Stevens.  Haizz...I wonder how come I didn't know that Stevens doesn't exist in town.  I wasted an hour of my time in town and I've promised hb that I will be home before 5pm as I've left Jannah with him and have promised to take her to the supermarket with me. 

I drove all the way to Chartwell shopping centre, just to go to Stevens.  There I still can't find the Wilton set!!  Why is it so hard??  I wonder....hmmmzz not my day I supposed but as I was scanning around the shop, I couldn't resist not buying this particular cake stand.  It was 50% off, cost $25 after discount and so, I bought it...hahahhaz.  Ish ish these specialty stores are just too 'spooky' it makes me spend unnecessarily :D  I then went to the supermarket in town to get some halal chickens,sausages, meat patties and fresh crabs.  Got some meats at the halal butcher and made my way home.  In the end, I bought the Wilton set on Trade Me (an auction website like Ebay).
On the positive side, I managed to reach home before 5 and suggested to hb to just have bbq for dinner.  I got given a bag of charcoal from one my friend that day.  Another reason is so that I don't have to cook...hahahaz.  Told hb to bbq the sausages, meat patties and the marinated chicken that I bought from the supermarket.  As I've promised Jannah that I will take her out, I went out again to the local supermarket and our journey to the supermarket begins.

80% of my conversation to Jannah is in Malay.  She can name all the colours in Malay except for the following colours that I couldn't be bothered to teach them in Malay like....purple, orange & pink.  Never heard any Malays calling these colours ungu or jingga or merah jambu anyway.  So, I also macam tak kuasa nak ajar lah kan....LOL!  She can name some veggies and fruits in Malay & English.  She recognises bawang, timun, coconut kelapa, jagung, terung, kobis, broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, strawberries, oranges, apples, lemon, pineapple, I think that's about all.  Of course she also knows udang, ikan, daging, ayam and b*b* tak halal :D  Other than being cute and bubbly, she also irritates me.  Whenever she saw something she fancies, she will repeat herself like one million times.  Haiiizzz I feel like taping her mouth....hahahahaz ooopppss is that considered child abuse?  When she saw a Ben10 book she will repeat this a million times "Nak Ben10 buku lah, nak Ben10 buku lah."  Saw Dora "Nak Dora lah, nak Dora lah"  Yiiiikkkesss I can go bonkers....the answer from me is always NO.  To stop her from pestering me....I just grabbed a Dora tissue box and gave it to her.  It cost me $2 but that $2 is gold!!!  Arrrr peaceful isn't it???...........hehehehez.

Anyway, I better stop here....its getting a little too long winded.  I saw u yawned while reading the 3rd paragraph....hehehehz.  If I'm not lazy, I will share a recipe in my next post later.  Stay tuned ;)

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)