Friday, November 5, 2010

I've been contemplating for 2 years.....

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Salam, Kia Ora..........

Greetings from the land of long white cloud, Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Welcome to my blog ;)  Yes, I've been contemplating for the past 2 yrs.  Don't know if I will be able to maintain my blog if I were to start one. Furthermore, there are millions other bloggers out there, sharing their life experiences, recipes and etc, etc.  With my conservative kinda thinking.....hmmmz, I always have this thinking that I won't be able to make it blogging as I do not have good photography skills nor cooking or baking skills.  I am actually a very lazy person....hehehez.  It's true, those who have lived with me will vouch for that.  But.....I'm learning and really trying my best now.  Some days it's successful cooking or baking for me.  Some days....haizzz not worth mentioning hehehehz >.<

Cooking or baking is not my forte, I actually do not like doing them but I have to, since living in NZ makes it impossible for me and my family to have take outs every night.  My hb always said that I'm a different person in the kitchen....I turned evil, the kitchen is an evil place whenever I'm in there....hehehehz :D.  Anyway, over the years, (almost 6 yrs here now) I've developed a 'what can I do / I've no choice' attitude and just cook and bake cos when I want to eat certain asian delicacies, I've to drag my lazy bum into the kitchen and cook.

The 1st 2 to 3 years was very hard for me.  Some nights I just couldnt be bothered to cook.  We have to resort to eating junks or instant noodle or toast...hehehehez.  Since my daughter, Jannah, has started eating solid food abt a year ago, I'm trying my best now to cook every night for my family.  Yeap, I only cook once a day, dinner only.  It's always left over for hubby's packed lunch and our lunch at home.  Or if there is none, it will be toasties for lunch....hehehehez.   

To my cuzzie, my bff and family in SG who have been here before on a long stay, I would like to say sorry if I haven't been a good host or cook when u guys were here.  InsyaAllah, the next time u are here.....I will cook some scrumptious, delicious, yummylicous, meals...hehehez

Ok that's my ramblings for now.....I will try to figure out what blogging is all abt and then post some of my successful and unsuccesful dishes and bakes that I've tried.  Take care kaha.

PS.  To the season bloggers out there, I appreciate any tips on blogging.  Thank u ;)

Me Te Aroha....With Love,
Anie ;)


~*as*~ said...

Assalamualaikum. Kia Ora.. can i joint the ceremony.. cutting ribbon..:) ada makan2 tak?

Anie said...

Waalaikumsalam As,

Kia Ora, Kei te pēhea koe?

Cheh nak bebual maori plak ngan As...maklum lah kita tak tau speaking jowo walaupun anak jowo kacukkan melayu....hahahaz.

Thank u for being the 1st follower & congrats to u. Sempena menyambut Deepavali esok, maka makan2 yg akan sy hidangkan adalah muruku aka bhuja....dptkan stock anda di pasaraya terdekat iaitu PNS / Countdown / Woolies / Foodtown. Jgn pegi Dairy ok....mahal giler hehehehz ;)

transformed housewife said...

Salam & Kia Ora Anie,

Nur pun dah follow sbb nak tengok resipi2 dr Anie. Pasal blogging tips tu, boleh je cari dan google. Nak bg tips pun tak sure sgt sbb selalunya based on trials and errors. kalau nak tengok my blog, boleh pergi ke

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work!

Anie said...

W'salam & Kia Ora Nur,

Tks for ur support Nur, insyaAllah nanti sy akan jelajah blog Nur jugak ;) Skarang ni sy tgh researh kat google for tips.


Thank u ;)

Anonymous said...

Weeeeiiiit, claps ^^ can't wait to see ur first recipe + food photos uploaded to the blog! background of your blog has an mysterious England feel look

si jie

Anie said...

Hi Si Jie,

Tks for visiting my blog :) I've just finished watching the vampire diaries season 2 ep 8. Awww that look on Damon's face when he told Elena that he luvs her...indescribable. I'm luving that series more and more now. Lots of unexpectness, new characters, twist, actions & blood sucking scene....hehehez ;)

Do wait patiently for my 1st recipe to be published. I am still figuring out the layout of my blog....


Anonymous said...

How r u? Biler nak balik SG...Bleh masakkan sy butter chicken yg rase mcm twisties tu...Sy buat tk jadi da..Air tgn tk same..haha...

Awak masak power...Anie Jjang!!!


Anie said...

Anyeoung Pipi DongSaeng,

Tenkiu for visiting my blog ;) Hmmmzzz masih belum ada plan utk balik SG lagi. Kalau tak dpt balik nxt yr, insyAllah will balik the year after. Ajaklah adik awk dtg sini nxt yr. Dah ader jetstar cuma $600 plus jer rtn...compared to biler awk naik thai airways, almost $1500 kan?
Jom lah dtg sini...boleh gi hobbiton and sy masakkan butter chix :D Kat sini kedai Salma Rasooi tu dah lama sy tak pegi...the last time sy pegi butter chix dia tak sedap dah.
Anyway, gd to hear frm u....kita kat sini semua ok2....satu hari kita catch up ok :)

take care.....hwaiting