Monday, November 8, 2010

Steamed Zebra Pandan Cake (Egg Whites)

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Salam, Kia Ora......

It was another beautiful day today despite the fact that rain was forecasted.  Today, is rubbish collection day.  Hb has forgotten to wheel the wheelie bin to the kerb side last nite.  So, I have to do it in the morning instead.  When I woke up this morning, I was distracted by Jannah, thus I've forgotten abt rubbish day.  I was blog walking happily when I suddenly saw this familiar looking green and yellow bin at one of the blogger's blog.  Looking at the time, it was 10.30am, I was so praying hard, hoping that the rubbish truck hasn't arrived.  I did a 100m dash out of the house(hahahaz  like real, in fact I was still jay walking) and pulled the bin all the way up the drive way and placed at the kerb side.  Phhheewww, I was lucky bcos the rubbish truck hasn't arrived otherwise......eeeiiiiwwww busuk!!!  We'll be stuck with these smelly rubbish until the next collection that is next monday!!! hehehez

Didn't want to miss out on capturing another beautiful blue sky day....not a single cloud sighted.

Anyway, back to the recipe, I stumbled upon this recipe last night.  Since I have egg whites left over from making the lapis legit, I decided to try this recipe out.  It was me the cake taste like a sponge cake.  It was soft, flavourful and moist but a little too sweet for me.  Next time I will reduce the sugar to 80g instead.  And.....I still have some more egg whites in the fridge, I'll probably just add a couple more eggs to the whites and make steam eggs for tomorrow's dinner....hmmmzzz

  • - 260 gr egg whites
  • - 1/4 tsp salt
  • - 1.5 tsp emulsifier
  • - 50 ml water
  • - 125 gr sugar (I used 95gr) nxt time I'm gonna reduce to 80gr
  • - 125 gr cake flour (I used plain flour)
  • - 15 gr powdered milk
  • - 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • - 30 gr melted butter
  • - 1 tbs condensed milk
  • - 1/4 tsp vanilla essence
  • - 1/2 tsp pandan paste (I added 1 tsp)
  • - Whisk egg whites, salt, emulsifier and water until half fluffy.
  • - Add sugar bit by bit while whisking until white and fluffy.
  • - Add flour, powdered milk and baking powder. (I sifted them together before adding to mixture)
  • - Add melted butter, condensed milk, vanilla essence .
  • - Take 1/2 batter and add pandan paste, mix well.
  • - In one spot pour the batter alternately in a baking pan
  • - Steam in a preheated steamer for 45 to 50 minutes or until done.
- To yield a pretty zebra pattern, do pour the batter consistently in one same spot.

I haven't got a I just use a wok to steam the cake

Good night everyone :) I'm wondering why do I always have this irritating coughs and blocked nose at night....haiiizzz
Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


somuffins said...


Kat sana garbage collection is done on Monday, sama gak kat tempat I nih but we have subsequent collection on Wed n Friday. Kalau nak tunggu seminggu, OMG! I cant imagine (as the garbage mainly comes from the kitchen, hehe). I pun pernah lari marathon mengejar lori sampah, muahahaha...

Anie said...


I ada 1 kali tu totally terlupa abt rubbish day. Tetiba si Jannah ni ckp 'aaaaiiiiyoh loli sampah atang'. Jannah takut dgn bunyi sampah...hehehez. Dulu rumah kita kat dpn roadside, biler dia nampak lori sampah jer, dia lari sembunyikan diri. Skarang ni rumah I dah jauh sikit from the roadside.
So, I pun aper lagi pegi lah kejar, skali lori dah bye bye. Just imagine I've to put up with the smelly rubbish for 2 weeks. Jgn ckp kitchen punya sampah, nappy Jannah pun ada kat dlm tu.....eiiiiiwwww pengsan hahahahaz :D