Sunday, November 28, 2010

BBQ Mussels & A Little Weekend Entertainment ;)

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Salam, Kia Ora...

We had a family bbq yesterday, only the 3 of us.  By looking at the amount of food we have, people might be thinking that we must have invited some guests over....hehehez.  We can't finish all the food of course.  Hb took some to work for his lunch today and the rest was finished by me and Jannah :D

It was quite a windy afternoon yesterday and we had to bbq at the side of the house, instead of on the deck to block the wind.  Anyway, enjoy the photos ;)

Just gonna share an easy, peasy, japanesy, bbq mussels recipe.  You will need...
  • Live Fresh Mussels
  • Your choice of grated cheese (I used Edam)
  • Garlic paste
Clean mussels and shuck them open but do not remove from the shell.  Add a little garlic & grated cheese.  Close shell & bbq till cook.  Do not overcook them.

The chicken was marinated with store bought, Nando's Peri-Peri Sauce.  There's also beef patties, beef & chicken sausages & corns ;)

Should have listened to hubby when he said that the peaches are still not ready.  Did I listen?  Of course not......they weren't ripe, sour and hard....hahahaz :D

Our desserts......
Been wanting to have an ice blended drink for a long time.  There's no Starbucks in Te Awamutu and I've to settle for McCafe.  It was Saturday night, the queue was till outside the door, what a wrong time to go to McDonald's.  I wanted Mocha Frappe but it was sold out :(  Got me Choco Frappe instead and look what happened to my slippers LOL!!  Luckily, it happened after I walked out of McD and reached the car.  I have to walk on the pebbled driveway & walkway before getting into the house. wasn't worth it...hehehez.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


somuffins said...

Ha'ahlah, those food cam nak jamu 10 orang (effect you tampal gambar dekat2 gitu. BTW, I am yet to learn how to do that, urghh).

Cian kaki you n selipart u :-)

Those icecream, ishh.. mata I tertumpu pada aiskrim with caramel topping (I assume so).

Mas said...

anie, bestnya bbq.....k.mas pun suka bbq....nak tanya anie sikit.....bekas bbq tu guna apa yer untuk membakar, guna arang ke guna elektrik sebab nmpk ada macam suiz kat tempat bakar tu.......dah lama tertanya sebab selalu tengok rancangan kat afc....chef negro tu guna bekas bbq mcm anie ni la....dan harganya berapa yerr...

Anie said...


Betul-betul-betul mmg caramel ;) tapi yg caramel tu ice blended drink, caramel frappe...hehehez.

Anie said...


BBQ anie guna gas...kita guna botol gas yg 9kg. Yg suiz kat depan tu utk besarkan/kecikkan api. Apinya direct ke bbq grill, ala-ala concept 'flame grill'.
Yg ini bbq yg paling kecik dan murah...hehehez. 2 burner jer...$90. Ada yg 3 burner,yg ada sampai 6 burner dgn roasting skali. Harga daipada $129 sampai $800++

HaNiM said...

esok, kami nak bbq ikan yg abgzul tgkap kat laut....yum yum...

zarin said...

hi anie
i'm speechless...hmm cuma nk tulis suma suma tu sedap, the mussels, the corns, the peaches, the chicks and most of all the ice blended!!! owh heaven u....
erkk sian u slipar putus, anyway i pun pernah kena..masa tu menyesal pun ada hikhik

Anie said...

Kak Hanim,

Untungnya abg zul dpt byk ikan. A few backs Rahman pun pegi fishing dkt Coromandel, naik charter, kluar rumah pagi2 buta. Jgn ckp anak ikan, mermaid pun tak dpt tangkap...huhuhu

Anie said...

Hi Zarin,

Peach tu blum masak ranum lagi...masih keras kejong dan masam sgt2...hehehez. I tak sabar lah, bukannya apa takut nanti dia busuk atas pokok atau dimakan burung. Rugi, rugi....:D

Anie said...

Kak Hanim...

Missing words dahhhh

*a few* weeks *back*

nyehahahaz....sori XD