Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chinese Rojak

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Salam, Kia Ora...

I executed what I planned yesterday that is to turn the Chinese crullers into Chinese rojak today.  To keep the crullers till today then grilled them in the oven was a bad idea...booo hooo.  Take note kids, do not try this at home...hahahaz.  You want to know why??  Hmmmzzz they almost, almost turned into croutons, yikesss.  Anyway, after the crullers soaked up the rojak sauce, all went well....they turned soggy like they should do ;)

A few weeks back I was trying to look for 'petis' aka shrimp paste.  A very dark, pungent yet taste oh so yummy black shrimp paste in a bottle at a few Asian shops here but I couldn't find any.  I asked a few friends on FB how to make the rojak sauce and am very thankful that they were willing to share the recipes.  I wasn't given the exact amount on how much to put things only given the ingredients.  So, I just added any amount I like to the given ingredients list.  Do I sound confusing?  Nyehahahaz.....

PS.  I thought I could enjoy this rojak peacefully...but the other half Asian girl start picking the other bamboo skewer and start poking on the ingredients that I didn't add any rojak sauce.  She started with apples, then mangoes, then she ate the tau pok and said 'sedapkan daging'?  Hahahaz whatever lah girl as long as you are happy....she ate everything except the blanched bean sprouts.

Source : Zuwati's Pocket ;) hehehez & my own 'rojak' estimation.

Ingredients For Rojak Sauce
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup tamarind juice
  • 4 red chillies - pounded (Add more if u like it fiery)
  • 2 tsp toasted shrimp powder aka belacan
  • 3 tblsp tomato sauce
  • 1 tblsp chilli sauce
  • 4 tblsp sweet soy sauce
  • Coconut sugar aka gula melaka to taste
  • A handful of toasted peanut - pounded
  • Salt if required.
Method :
  • Put all the ingredients in a pot and simmer on low to medium heat until it thickens.  You can adjust the amount of the ingredients according to your own taste bud. 
  • The end product should be thick like brown gravy, sweet, sourish, spicy and punget....hahahaz ;)

My Rojak Ingredients
  • Tau Pok (Deep fried tofu) - grill in the oven till crispy
  • Chinese Crullers - grill in the oven till crispy
  • Mangoes
  • Braeburn Apples
  • Blanched Bean Sprouts
  • Toasted Peanuts - pounded
I didn't add cucumber bcos I don't like them and Chinese turnip is unavailable here.  The other thing that is missing is the grilled cuttlefish....hmmmzzz

Method :
  • Cut all the above ingredients into desired sizes.
  • Toss the ingredients with some of the rojak sauce.
  • Sprinkle toasted peanuts before serving.

Do u prefer tau pok?

Or Mango? ;)

Oh me, oh my its already New Year's Eve tomorrow.  How time flies :(

Me Te Aroha, With Love,
Anie ;)


kasihredha said...

Mana aci tunjuk gambar je...kirim sikit kat sini ...air liur dah tumpah ni :)

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Aci aci buka pintu, nana balik hai pukul satu...lalalalala

Kirim salam jer lah boleh tak Kak Kasih? Nyehahahahahahz :D

Mas said...

perhhh..sedappnya, ayah mas pandai wat tauu...memang sedapp...dah terliur tengok ni..hulur la sepinggan..he.he..

Yat Maria said...

alamak babe...tu rojak bikin ai penasaran..mana nak pi cari sekarang ek...besok kalo balik siang nak try carik bahan2 if the pasar still open, kalo tak, ai play cheat beli yu tiaw instant kat old chang kee...bule kan...tak kira u mesti cakap bule gak!!! kalo tak der bahan lain, ai makan jer manggo ngan yu tiaw tojak jer, jadi tak lah ai mengidam kerbau kempunan tak makan kan..ishhhhhhhh tgk gambar rojak u nih leh wat ai mimpi arrr...

Anie said...


Hmmmmm mmg sodap ni Mas, resepi main campak2 hentam keromo ajer...hehehez.

Hulur2 pinggan mmg boleh, jgn lupa kasi balik ok :D :D

Nieza said...

waduh kasi meleleh air liur ni...hehe memang mabeles la...memang my fav ni anie...nk ler sepinggan...hehe

Anie said...


Babe 7/11 ke McDonald's tak jual eh rojak? hahahahaz...

Menciiii arhhh Old CK dah ader jual yu tiaw. I mmg feveret arh dgn Old CK hmmmzz especially the kepala sotong and sotong ball ahhhh nak arrhh!! :D :D

Tak per lah babe, mlm ni u mimpikan ajer rojak. Besok bgn pagi, mesti bersemangat nak buat rojak. Play cheat ajer lah tak kisah...hahahaz. Kat sg semua ada jual, tak payah susah2 buat sos rojak pun. Capai ajer dkt supermarket shelf....hehehez

Anie said...


Tenkiu baybeh ;) Setakat nak sepinggan no hal nieza...silakan :D hehehez

hani said...

kakakkkk...saya dah nga nga ni...ayoyo sudah rasa lalu je kat tekak nih...

zarin said...

owh! ku tirguda sama itu rojak...jangan mimpi rojak sudahlah kan :-0

Anie said...

Amacam rasanya Hani? Sedap tak? Tolong bagi comment eh...hehehez ;)

Anie said...

Morning Zarin,

Kuciwa I...ingat u nak mimpikan I skali mimpikan rojak plak...hehehez :D

Rima said...

Adeeehhh nasib baik semalam waktu keluar ku dapat ngap tu rojak cina.. sungguh pekat dan sedap wooo..

Memang tak rasa tahun ni eh... teringat waktu u first wrote to me pasal pandan chiffon cake anywho.. happy new year to u and ur family ok.. hv a wonderful year ahead!

Yat Maria said...


ai kempunan arrr...tu OCK dah kehabisan stock yu tiaw masa ai balik hap day tadi...huwaaaaa....dia orang pong nak party gak nyer, dah kehabisan, tak top up..sheeshhhh...

babe, happy 2011..may all the wonderful things come yr way, like no. 2 ke..wahkahkahkah..ok per kan..kan...bule jannah main2 ngan adek..hehe..anyways, thanks for being a great banter-er ngan ai albeit di alam maya ini..ku sgt teruja & gumbira dapat berkawan ngan mu...cehhhhhh...ku emo lagi ni...siyes babe, thanks for all the doa too... u take care

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Anie, wow! I love this rojak!
Can see you have a black belt in cooking.
For sure dua pinggan lichin, ha ha.

Wishing you and all at home the very best of the new year....Happy new year, Anie.
Stay young and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards, Lee.

Anie said...


Nasib baik u, kalau tak jatuh tergolek2 nanti..hehehez ;)

Tu arh cepat betul masa berlalu kan :( Dulu masa small2 nak sgt masa berlalu cepat....haiizzz sungguh ku menyesal wahahaz dramatic seh >.< Alhamdullilah tks to u yg tak lokek share knowledge that I berjaya bake the cipon, I really2 appreciate it.

Happy New Yr to u and family too Rima, all the best aites ;)

Anie said...


Asal tak beli yg frozen dkt NTUC atau cold storage..hehehez. Arhhh tak per lah pagi ni boleh gi bli dkt pasar, fresh lagi yummmy :p

Tks for the well wishes babe...amin, No.2 maybe not lah :( I byk complication time pregnancy dulu. Not planning for another 1 but kalau accidentally get 1, I akan terima dgn redha...hahahaz. Lagipun bila Jannah ada siblings, I takut dia tak akan menguasai bahasa melayu dia. Her vocab is 80-90% malay, I want her to converse in as much malay as she can :) Its hard to achieve kalau dia ada kawan2 to ngobrol in english at home :D

Yat, u r a great banter urself ;) I enjoy all the comments that we left each other behind. Anndddd I really2 salute u lah babe, FT workin mom, ada FT blog which nvr fail to put a smile on my face everytime I baca ur entry. Not only that sempat masak hari2 for family and create all the yummy desserts and bake. Most of my friends dkt SG dah hilang begitu saja dgn alasan busy with work :(. Best of all, some still single...haiz

Alamak I lagi ter emo than u lah babe...Happy New Yr my friend, take care and all the best for u and family!! Hwaiting!!! (Alamak dah jadi korean plak I) :D :D

Anie said...

Uncle Lee,

Thank u for visiting and leaving a comment in my blog ;) I really appreciate it.

I tak ada black belt lah uncle, still in learning stage...hahahaz. Everytime I masak I always pray hard that my food will be edible :D :D :D

Happy New Year to u too Uncle Lee, all best for 2011 and may u be blessed with health & wealth ;) Take care.........

somuffins said...


I tertinggal ketapi nih ..
Happy new year to you n family. Rajin2lah masak or bake makanan yg enak2. Dapat baunya aje, I dah boleh gemuk taw, hehe.

Maybe I shd live kat overseas so that I too can make rojak? Wahahaha.,.

Anie said...


Tak per lah biar lambat asal selamat ;) hehehez Happy New Year to u and family too Cik Som.

Tak mkn cuma amik bau jer tak leh gemok lah.....'itu namanya family planning' hahahaz bak kata P.Ramlee in 3 Abdul :D

JJCM is more interesting than masak memasak...hehehez Too bad dkt sini tak byk choice...huhuhu :'(