Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pandan Chiffon Cake

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Salam, Kia Ora...

Firstly I would like to wish my sister a very happy birthday....hope you like the little gift that was delivered today ;)  Can't bake my sis a cake, so I baked one for us instead...hahahaz. 

Definitely not the most beautiful cake on the blog but taste wise it was absolutely soft and yummy.  Jannah ate all that 3 slices on the plate, I had 2, gave 6 slices to my neighbour and there's only 2 pieces left.  Hb is not a fan of this cake.  As I've said in 1 of my entries before, if it ain't sloppily iced with thick icing, it won't be a big hit amongst the kiwis >o<  Oh well, 1 each for me and Jannah for breakfast tomorrow, yum yum yum yum delicioso...hehehez

I should have baked the cake maybe 10 mins more so that the crust will be a bit darker.  I don't know why I decided to remove it from the oven.  I baked at 140 deg C (the oven temperature must have been too low and the cake was in the oven for almost an hour, that's why I panicked I supposed....hehehez.  I've forgotten at what temperature did I baked this cake before.  Hmmzzz I should have blogged abt it but it was too late bcos I didn't have a blog last time...hahahaz

Another fault was I removed the cake from the pan and cut it while it was still very warm bcos Jannah kept bugging me for a slice.  Aiya yay yay yay she was throwing herself around for a piece of, I had to give in.  Luckily she was patient enough to wait for me to photo the cake...hehehez.  She even said "wait ok, mama ambik gambar, smile dulu ok" *slaps forehead*

Source : Rinn Chan/Irene Chia.  Thank you for sharing this recipe ;)

Photo recipe courtesy of Irene Chia, I was lazy to retype the recipe as the recipe in Rinn Chan's FB is in Malay language :D hehehez

Note :
  1. Ingredients B - I used 2 tsp pandan paste and added 105ml water.
  2. Ingredients A & D - I reduced the quantity of sugar to 50g each.
  3. Ingredients C - I used standard flour instead of cake flour.
  4. I baked mine at 140 degs C....haizz what was I thinking :( Next time, I should bake it at 160 deg C.
  5. I did not bang the cake pan at all, before and after it was baked.  I've read some where that the airier the cake mixture the better it will rise.
To all home bakers that have tried this recipe and failed, please do not give up ;)  It took me 3 or 4 failures before I finally got the cake right.  Thank you to sifu Rima who guided me abt 1 yr ago and to Aunty Yo's very informative blog. 

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


zarin said...

hi anie
pandainya jannah, how old is she ye?
i tk pernah try lg baked pandan chiffon but i love orange chiffon...mkn dia memnag tk sedar dah habis separuh hihi

Anie said...

Hello Zarin,

Jannah dah 3yr, 3mths ;) 3 keping tu almost equivalent 1/4 of the cake...telah di telan hidup2 oleh Jannah...hahahaz.

I tak pernah buat orange chiffon, insyaallah 1 hari nanti I try. Kek ni mmg sekejap ada, sekejap takde :D

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Anie said...

Hi Vincet,

Thank u for visiting my blog. I'm glad that u like the recipes here ;) and it is my pleasure to share the recipes with all the users.

mrs plain-june said...

cantiknya kek u.. nampak sangat lembut! yummeh!

Mas said...

salam anie, cantiknya chiffon tu....nampak gebu jer......
nanti datang ambik award yer anie....he..he..

Hann said...


I dah siap post i punya entry baru nampak your chiffon cake nih..
Jeles babe! Tobat jeles!! Hahha..
Tetiba bersemangat nak buat lagi.. Tetiba je lah.. dua tiga minit rasa macam.. kena tunggu lain ketika yang "ras" itu betul2 ada.. hahahhah

Again.. jeles.. :)

Anie said...


Tenkiu ;) lain kali nak kena improvise baking time...tapi mmg lembut kek ni.

Anie said...


Tenkiu Mas....wah ada award buat anie? InsyaAllah nanti Anie dtg umah Mas amik ok :)

Anie said...


Tenkiu....lawak btol lah u babe, tobat jeles 1st time I dgr hahahaz :D

Ini lah dia kek cipon I yg dulu tak pernah menjadi...I practise sampai terjadi..alhamdullilah kali menjadi. Byknya words jadi hehehez.

Best dgr u dah bersemangat balik babe, insyaAllah u boleh punya ;)

Yat Maria said...


aiseyman!!! dah wat taw cipon cake ingat nak copy paste tu resepi, tapi kan u made it as gambar tak leh kan..muahhaha padan muka aku..kihkihkih.. tapi tak per ai gi umah rinn chan & copy paste ek..pandai tak ai...

ni baru balek keje, nak masak..abeh tu kan ai ada risau tadi big boss tepon suh ai gi cek segala filing system kat jb, aduh makkkk..sana opis manyak susah arrr kalo mau pegi, mana leh abis 1 ari..abeh singapore nyer menda ai nak kena wat jugak..on the bright side agaknya ai leh kurus berkilo2 tahun depan..

Anie said...

Wow weeee!!! Outstanding lah u babe hari keje pun sempat buat kek cipon yg leceh itewww :D hehehez.

Alamak babe, recipe itew I c&p daripada rinn chan's FB. That is the recipe that she used tapi dlm bahasa melayu. I tak cukup kasi credit ke dkt si Irene Chia ni? Mampos kang sekali dia hentam I...hehehez nanti I kasi more credit dkt dia since I malas nak retype balik recipe tu. Of course u mmg byk pandai bab bab copy paste ;) hehehehez.

Alamak babe, kesian I tgk u pegi keje, balik kena masak tergolek sana, tergolek sini. Kalau u tak cukup masa bli jer lah...bukan susah nak dpt makanan halal, sedap dan murah dkt sg...hehehez. At least u leh rileks jap after work ;) Dahhhh tak mo pikir pasal nxt yr for now....pi enjoy ur cipon kek hehehez