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Caramel Pudding Cake

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Note : This entry was composed before I went to the blueberry farm this morning!!  I got frustrated as the layout kept on getting jumbled when I published it this morning...arrrgghh!!  I deleted the entry as I didnt have time to rectify it this mornin, the post really looked hideous :( Trying to repost this entry again.......

Salam, Kia Ora & Good Morning ;)

Just a quick entry before I go to the blueberry farm to pick my very own selected fresh blueberries....hehehez.  Will be meeting my 2 friends, Eli and Han in 2 hrs time that is at 10.30am.  I won't be taking Jannah with me this time bcos I still remember clearly what happened last year, she almost abandoned me and asked me to go home as she had acknowledged 2 unknown females...hehehez.  She even asked them to carry her so that she doesn't have to go off with me.....aiya yay yay yay

I went for my groceries shopping in Hamilton yesterday and 1 of my friends, Dr Fid, invited Jannah and myself to her place for lunch.  We had yummy chicken soto and Jannah certainly had an enjoyable afternoon playing with Dr Fid's kids and their house full of toys...hehehez.  I decided to bring this Caramel Pudding Cake along bcos my blogger and FB friends has been tempting me with photos of this cake :p

I was hoping that the cake and caramel pudding will turn out right as I only had 4 eggs left in the basket.....if it turned out to be a boo boo :( I would have to turn up at Doc Fid's home empty handed...hehehez.  I've read a few feedbacks from some friends how evil this cake can be.  Some of them attempted this cake and failed.  The common faults are : failure with the pudding, pudding sank in the cake and even worse...1 of them had her cake exploded in the oven.  Scary isn't it? Hehehez...alhamdullilah, thank God, mine turned out right and it was definitely soft and melt in your mouth, texture....yummmmmeeehhhh :D

Source : Zarin & Anna Qawina  Why did I use 2 recipes?  Its bcos I want thicker cake than the caramel pudding, hence I combined both Zarin's & Anna's recipes.  Thank you gals for sharing this recipes ;)

Ingredients :

2 Tbsp Sugar

2 Eggs
400ml Evaporated Or Fresh Milk (I used fresh milk)
35g Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence

Cake (A)
140 gm Standard Flour
70gm Caster Sugar (I only used 50gm)
2 Egg Yolks
135ml Water
1 Tsp Baking Powder
45ml Canola Oil (I used melted butter)

Meringue (B)
4 Egg Whites
70gm Caster Sugar (I only used 50gm)
1 Tsp Cream of Tartar (I only used 1/2 tsp)

Method :

- Pre heat oven to 170/180 degrees C.

For Caramel

In a cake pan, melt the sugar on low heat until it turns into liquid and caramelized.
Set aside.

For Pudding

Combine all the ingredients and stir slowly to avoid forming any bubbles.  If there's too much bubbles, the pudding will not set properly on the cake.
Strain the mixture over the caramelized sugar in the cake pan.

For Cake (A)
Combine all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly using a hand whisk.

For Meringue (B)
Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar on high speed until half fluffly.
Add sugar bit by bit while whisking until stiff peaks.

For Cake and Meringue
Fold half of (B) into (A) gently using a spatula and then pour this mixture into the rest of (B) mixture.
Divide them into equal amounts and add some food colourings.
Pour the coloured mixture in the middle of the cake pan to yield a rainbow-iey pattern. ;)
Bake the cake using bain marie/waterbath method in the oven for abt 1hr.

Note :

I used 4 jumbo sized eggs.  If your eggs are smaller, you might need to increase the egg quantity.
I didn't use all the cake mixture as it was too much for my cake pan.

I baked mine is 160 deg C for 55 mins.
I translated this recipe from Malay to English in a hurry...hehehez.  I do appreciate any feedbacks if there's a need to correct the recipe ;)

This is what I did with the excess cake mixture but I didn't bake them using bain marie's method.  They turned out crumbly and dry :(  I gave them to the birds...hahahaz.

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


somuffins said...

The cake looks plain awesome!

Psst.. YatMaria dah buat Chiffon Pandan.. rajin betullah you all nih... Haizzzz...

Anie said...


Yeaayyyyy Cik Som u r back ;) musti enjoy urself kan pegi mkn kenduri hehehehz ;)

Tks for the compliments, alhamdullilah dpt jugak I bake sana, bake sini sbb ada kwn2 jemput dtg rumah. Kalau sesaje dkt rumah mmg takde chance baking. Takut lah nak mkn kek byk2 sendiri....hehehez

Mas said...

cantik la kek tu bentuk rama2...caramel puding cake tu pun cantik...terliur dibuatnya...

Anie said...

Tenkiu Mas ;) tapi kek rama2 tu kering lah sbb tak bake secara waterbath....kesilapan teknikal telah berlaku. huhuhu

~ f i d ~ said...

TQ for bringing the cake to my house..yummylicious!! Kesian Jannah x dapat main lama2, next time dtg lagi tau, dtg awal sikit heheheh..hopefully kali ni x sesat

hana said...

cantiknyerrr..... teringin nak buat lagi...

zarin said...

adussss cantik bangat kek ini..macam rainbow pun ada ;-)i pulak suka karamel lg banyak dr kek ;-)

Anie said...


No problem...kek ni mmg melt in ur mouth, masih teringat kelembutannya biler mkn kek ni smalam ;)

InsyaAllah kalau ada masa boleh dtg lagi ;) Fid kalau boring2 nak ajak budak2 dtg sini main2 ngan Jannah pun ok. Biar dorang plak serakkan bilik si Jannah ni...hehehez

Anie said...


Tenkiu ;) Hana punya pun cantik banget...hehehez Tenkiu sbb sudi singgah dkt blog kita ni...

Anie said...


U punya kek pun cantik banget babe ;) itu lah yg membuat I teringin nak try buat kek ini...hehehez ;)

I tak suka susu many2 pasal tu buat karamel tipis2 ajer...hehehez

Yat Maria said...


ni cake ai lom buat...halamak..ada review ckp meletopzzz dalam yg wat ai takut think this cake is yummeh esp ada caramel tu...tak per ai jamu mata sini dulu..untung the birdies dapat jamu cake for their lunch..hehe...pahala uuuu..kasi burung makan.. pahala malam jumaat :)

Anie said...


U shud try this cake lah, I highly recommend this to u. Lembut and melt in ur mouth. Tak payah kunyah dah hilang...hahahaz ;)

U jgn takut lah, u terror jugak baking so takde hal punya kalau u cuba this cake. That lady punya kek meletoppp auuuwww pasal dia tak bake using bain marie's method...hehehez.

Dkt sini nasi ke roti ke yg tak abis I slalu campak jer dkt luar...kasi si kambing2 dpn umah I mkn. Tapi kalau yg manis2 I tak kasi kambing2 mkn. I akan campak outside of the kambing's fence and kasi si burung mkn. hehehz

izahdaut said...

sangat cantikkkkk..lawanya acuan tuuu... banyak menu2 best kat sini la...jumpa geng masak2..sukee

Anie said...

Izah, welcome to my blog ;) tima kasih sbb sudi singgah.

Alah acuan itewww murah jer, acuan mainan2 beli pun time tgh sale...hehehez. U punya lagi cantik menawan ehem ehem nordic uuuuu ;)

Hann said...


I buat dah menda alah ni.. tapi ada masalah.. sebelum u post entry ni lah i buat..

akan tetapi, ianaya tidaklah boleh dibanggakan walau habis di dalam mulut.. makanya tidak lah dimasukkan ke entry. Kecewa.

menengok u buat benda ni.. sekali lagi.. tobat jeles.. kena buat lagi sekali. Jeles babe! :)

Anie said...


Lawak lah u babe, everytime I tgk word tobat jeles I mesti ketawa berdekah2....hahahaz Nasib dkt umah kalau tak org ingat I giler kot :D

Tak per lah babe, biar tak cantik yg penting sedap ;) Boleh cuba lagi sbb mmg sedap lah kek ni...sekejap ada, sekejap takde :D hahahaz hilang dlm mulut :D

Anonymous said...

Good looking cake, but WHY DO YOU LAUGH WITH A Z ON THE END?

Anie said...

Because I can.....hahahahaz