Friday, February 24, 2012

Kuih Bakar Pandan

Salam to all,

Alhamdullilah its Friday today.  Its the start of hb's long weekend AGAIN!!!! Hehehez.  He's gonna be off for 5 days straight and will only resume back to work on next Thursday.  We planned to go to Hamilton tomorrow as there'll be a road show for the Waikato Chiefs rugby team and hb will be going to the stadium also to catch the Waikato Chiefs rugby game.  I couldn't be bothered to go the the game just in case Jannah starts fidgeting and gets bored seating while the game is on.

Hb is a fanatic rugby man.  He collects rugby memorabilia such as signed rugby balls, mugs, flags, posters, programmes, jerseys, HUGE framed jerseys with rugby squads, cards, books and many more.  U name it he got it......the only thing he hasn't got is the rugby world cup trophy ahaaakksss.  His collections has grown over the past 4 yrs.  Yup I have to admit that my hb has more stuffs than me haiiizz.  He intends to start a blog abt his rugby collection like eons ago and still hasnt get to do it yet.

Anyway, back to story of this kuih.  It's definitely not for hb bcos firstly its green and secondly he doesn't really like traditional Malay kuihs.  He does enjoy eating curry puffs and kuih keria but nothing else.  I made this kuih bakar as there was half a packet of coconut milk left from cooking and it felt like ages since I last savoured this kuih....hehehez.  My way to eat this kuih is just like eating a Magnum ice cream.  Bite all the crust (chocolate for Magnum) then enjoy the scrumptious inner (vanilla ice cream for Magnum) :ppp.  Jannah ate it like it was a cupcake and asked for more when she finished the whole piece to herself.  I was like what!!!  I was full after eating only half O_O!!

Since it was only for Jannah and me, I only made half of the recipe.  I used a muffin sized mould and got 3 pieces. 

Specially requested by Jannah ~ No sesame seeds!!!

Source : Rima @ Bisousatoi
1 cup sugar
1 cup pandan juice - (i used pandan paste and water)
2 cups plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
3 eggs
2 1/4 cups coconut milk (450ml)
2 tbsp butter
a few drops of green colouring
sesame seeds

Blend all ur ingredients- put aside
Add 2tbsp of cooking oil in a 10" pan
Preheat oven and place ur pan in it. Once u see the oil heated, pour in batter, top it with sesame seeds and bake it at 175C for 90mins.. if u want ur kuih bakar not to hv crust.. u can bake it for an hr or till batter is baked...

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone ;) TTFN......


somuffins said...

Nape tak buat 6 pcs??? One each for me, Rima n Yat (geng Southern).

Kalau makan kek, I suka yg tengah2 tapi kalau makan kueh bakar, I serang yg tepi dan yg hujung.

Yat Maria said... I crave for Magnum arr...U see babe..u tak yah tayang Magnum pun I bule terselera nak makan jugak..muahhaha...dasarkan...eirther ai ni pemakan or perakus..hahah..camna nak kurus ni mcm??

Dulu masa my boy in sec school, dia amik rugby for i think it;s a tough & expensive sport la..kena beli boot dia la, gigi protector la, itu la ini la..macam2 terkopak gak poket ai & dude..

kuih bakar pun dah berbulan gak ai tak wat..tapi kenot masuk list dulu selagi tu air payung ngan magnum belum dapat..hahahah

Anie said...


Kalau lah u all semua dkt kita boleh buat tea party kan hehehez. Santan cuma tinggal 1/2 kotak jer sbb tu cuma dpt 3 ketul huhuhu.

Part makan kita mmg serupa CikSom ;)

Anie said...


Dkt sini Magnum satu box cuma $6 jer. Hari tu beli my hb yg pelahap makan semua sorang2 in 1 night and 1 day....tu baru namanya perakus lagi pelahap plus ganas sekali hahahaz. Dia ckp part ice cream tak boleh share. Sorang satu box...tapi kadang2 dia punya dah abis, dia 'curi' I punya supply arh :D

Rugby punya gearkan as minimum as soccer cuma kena ada mouth guard pun mahal eh. I think sg this kinda sport mmg mahal lah.

Anyway babe...take care of ur health many2 first nanti baru boleh pikir pasal air & magnum hehehez

kasihredha said...

daun pisang ada kat sana ye?
cantikkk sangat kuih ni

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Ada kak, dkt kedai Asian ada jual yg frozen. Yg ini kita tanam sendiri....tapi cuma pokoknya aja yg tumbuh. Pisangnya tak ada. Time winter pokoknya 'mati' tapi bila summer...tumbuh balik.