Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tortoise Bun ~ Not??

Salam to all,

A few nights ago, before Jannah went to bed she said to me "Mama, Jannah nak makan roti senyum lah."  Hmmmzz I was surprised that she still remembers the bun that my sister bought for her when they went to Johore together.  Jannah had poor appetite when she was in sg, my sis had to resort to buying cute buns to make Jannah eat.

I simply cant remember what the bun looks like.  I know that they bought it at a bakery called Seasons, located at City Square, Johore Bahru.  The only thing that I can remember about the bun that it has the chocolate filling with a smiley face ahakkksss :D  That's why they called it 'roti senyum.'

Last night, I showed Jannah this cute tortoise bun photo that was featured at K1's Blog.  She happily laughed at it and said yes that's the roti senyum that she wanted. Not only she saw the cute tortoise bun, she also saw the Elmo Macs and asked me to make them also o_O!!  No recipe from K1 though, so I used the basic sweet bread recipe from CMG and shaped the bun like tortoises.  Even though it's not as cute as I wanted it to be, I know my customer was happy eating it. 

Pssssstttt Jannah gobbled 2 at once and was laughing cheekily while eating the bun.  She bite on one of the legs and start laughing like Bart Simpson "Ahhhaaa kan dah kodong kaki."  Bite on the bumbum and said "Ahaaaaa kan dah kodong vontot"  A moment later she pretended to cry saying "Booohoooo kura2 sakit, Jannah dah makan."  LOLzzz it was really fun watching her eat ;)  After eating those 2 buns, she was jumping and dancing to Hi5 & Yo Gabba Gabba on telly....I'm pretty sure that she managed to burn all those calories from eating the 2 buns.

Tortoise luv....too much smoochies until the eyes and lip liner smudged hehehez :D

Didnt expect them to grow too much when baked.  These 2 got their faces smacked to the side of the baking tray thus the black faces ahakkksss!!!

Source :  CMG @ TiffinBiru

Ingredients (Dough) : Makes 6 Tortoise Buns
250 gm high protein flour
50 gm caster sugar
1/2 tsp fine salt
10 gm milk powder
1/4 tsp bread improver
1/4 tsp teh bread softerner
30 gm egg (lightly beaten & weighed)
6 gm instant yeast
20 gm butter
125 ml water

Chocolate Filling :

I used Callebaut Dark Chocolate Callets or you can use any Dark Chocolate Chips or any Chocolate filling of your choice.

Method :
Mix yeast with warm water and set aside until it bubbles.
Make a well in the middle of the flour and add the rest of the ingredients except butter.
Mix till a dough is formed and knead in the butter until you get a smooth dough.
Proof dough for 50 mins or until doubled in size.
I used my Breadmaker.

To shape the tortoises :
Punch dough down
Divide into 6x60g for the body, 6x12g for the head and make 4 little balls each for the legs and 1 tail.
Shape each portion into a round ball.
Make an indent in each ball for the body part and place 1 tablespoon chocolate chips (or more or less to taste).
Cover the chocolate with the dough and roll to seal all seams and attach all the legs and tails.
Score the back of the tortoises with a knife.
I melted some choc chips and used a toothpick to draw the eyes and smileys.
Place tortoises on baking sheet coated lightly with cooking spray. Cover with a cling wrap and let it rise for another 45 minutes.
Once proofed, brush the top with the remaining egg + 1tblsp milk and bake in a preheated 190 deg C oven for 25 mins.

Brush with butter once the buns are out of the oven.


Alhamdullilah, not suffering from any toothache yesterday and today.  Dental appointment booked for next Wednesday.  Hoping that everyone is in the pink of health too ;) Take care.....TTFN



Yat Maria said...


this post I loikee coz it made me smile..after getting crappy phone call from the O, this post cheer me up! I can imagine Jannah with all the right expressions after biting each of the kura2 limbs..muahhaha...if Aunty ada kat sana, sure Aunty join sekaki ngan Jannah..tapi Aunty makan kepala kura2 tu dulu..muahhahaha

thanks babe..i thot of doing another post today but after getiing the crappy call, mood sumer lari..sheeesshhh...how i wish i;m there bertemankan Jannah, the 'kura2' and of course...my all time fav .the kambennsss...ap kabo la si kamben2 tu ek...miss the kambennn..muackkks kamben..hahhahaha..ok nak lie down a bit, these meds made me talk nonsensical lyrics...heeeheeehaaahaaa

Chik Mimi said...

Assalam anie still remember i?
cuteeee suke bukan saja Jannah I pun terguda u

Anie said...


I am glad that I made u smile ;) kesian u tgh sakit2 pun dorang2 tu tak kasi u kesenangan haiizzz. Byk2 bersabar babe....

U kalau ada dkt sini, mesti u pun ketawa sendiri mcm aii. Si dak Jannah ni bebual dgn roti kura2. Dia punya happy masyaAllah, tuhan ajalah yg tahu bila she saw me forming the dough utk jadi those kura2 ahakkks.

The kambens dah tinggal 2 ekor jer kamben tua :) Satu betina and satu jantan. The lambs dah kena 'sembelih' dgn tuan punya kamben abt a few mths back. Harap2 ada lah kamben baru this Sept, boleh I amik gambar dorang utk mengubat hati u yg rindu dendam dgn dorang hehehez.

Take care babe, rehat aja sudah hari ni. Besok dah balik kerja kan....breathe in breathe out ;)

Anie said...

Chik Mimi,

W'salam, of course I still remember u dear....mana boleh lupa dgn blogger seperjuangan ahakksss ;) Hope u r well.....

Rima said...

Err Apasal lah Si tortoise u deret kan macam gitu.. RA rated betul hahaha.. Nak buat kan dak Sonia lah but dalam letak cheese cos Sonia tak suka red bean..

Anie said...


I pernah nampak statue tortoise yg disusun begitu....but I cant remember where ahakkksss that's how I was inspired :D

Cfm Sonia akan suka....gigit satu2 kaki tortoise tu semua mcm Jannah hehehez.

Anie said...


Btw its choc filling...nampak mcm red bean eh wahahahaz :pppp

somuffins said...

Rajin you mentortoisekan tepung. Roti tu kalau dapat kat I, akan ku cabut satu2 bagian badannya...hahaha..

Alkisah, my anak2 used to have a pet tortoise, in fact a pair which I named them Mary n John.

Anie said...


Apa boleh buat Cik Som, layankan anak sorang tu. Dkt sini kita pun sorang...so kita layan la antara satu sama lain ahaakkss. I tell u she was so so happy when she saw me mentortoisekan roti tu. masyaAllah hehehez.

Waahh glamer lah tortoise anak2 Cik Som. Tortoise melayu, nama mat salleh ahakkkss :D

somuffins said...

Lupa nak bitau sebab musabab the tortoise diberi nama cenggitu. Petshop owner kata tortoise tu dtg dari 'the Amazon', so sesuailah dgn nama matsaleh, ahaks.

Anie said...


Ooohhh al kisah. Kalau I ada tortoise mat salleh...I will name them Hansel & Gretel auuwwwww ;)

Ribbon Clown said...

Cute la roti kekura ni.. Tunggu je lah my post kalau jadik buat roti ni hehe