Monday, February 13, 2012

Prune Layer Cake

Salam to all,

How was the weekend peeps?  Anyone suffering from Monday blues today ahhhaakkkss??  Today, I finally get to officially use the KitchenAid mixer that a friend bought for me since last July *grins*  I am really thankful to my primary school mate whom I haven't seen for more than 20 years, got reunited through FB in 2008 and finally get to meet up in S'pore last year.  Thank you Yat Salleh ;) not Yat Maria of Easybakes eh.....hehehehez :ppp.  Not only Yat (Salleh lah >.<) carried the KA for me but also tonnes of other things that I bought on Amazon like the Nordicwares, Silpat, Wilton Cake Deco Set, Fitflops and many more to list here.  I was going crazy shopping on Amazon bcos the items I bought were shipped free to Yat's address and the weak USD.  By the time I reached S'pore, my shopping list was getting lesser but I was glad that I  still managed  to go to TOTT and Phoon Huat to get other bits and pieces for baking.  The baking speciality stores here are bloody rip offs!!!! :(

It was once seated in this dark and lonely corner :D

My KA travelled a very long way from the States to an APO address to Singapore and finally to NZ.  Since the day it was bought, it wasn't even tested if its gonna work *slaps forehead*  I only took it out of the box, placed it on my tiny counter top last month.  Only last week, that I managed to drag myself to buy a step down transformer online....yeah online hahahahaz.  I was kinda sceptical, worried and also unsure, doesnt that means sceptical also ahaaakksss at first bcos I don't want to get a transformer that is as big as a cinder block and weighs a tonne.  I got no room in my tiny kitchen or should I say non existence kitchen or even in the cupboards to store it and I dont want it to be a hassle for me to take it out and put it away after using it.  I know I should have done some research before lugging the KA home...I was lazy.  Luckily the transformer was only 13cmx6cmx6cm and doesnt weigh more than 1.5kg *grins some more*  Thank you also to June for sharing the info of using a transformer for a KA.  I was gonna get a higher wattage one and was told that a 500w was sufficient.   Phewwww saved some money there ;)

Before I turned on the KA, I was reciting Bismillah like a million times.  I was so scared that it might explode hahahahaz.  Alhamdullilah, all went well and I am stoked at using this KA.....very, very stoked.  The machine is so much more quieter compared to using my Kambrook hand mixer.  For now, I am still gonna keep the hand mixer for small baking projects and am thinking of getting another KA mixing bowl in the near future.  For once, I thought.....I can do clean ups while the mixer is mixing but then being a NOOB I was so 'jakun' and stared at the wonderful thingy mixed my batter abt productivity & multi tasking aye LOL!!!!

A noob mistake for not using the shield >.<  The shield is still wrapped in bubble wrap and I couldn't be bothered to unwrap it at the moment :ppp

I had to return a friend's plate and.......this is what was baked today using my kitchen beauty weeeeiiiiiiii ;)  I also managed to scrape the batter to make it 11 layers instead of 10 ;)  Luv this cake, it is really, really moist and yummilicous luv it luv it luv it.

Source Rima @ Bisousatoi

250g butter (I used Anchor)
80g condense milk
1 tsp mix spice
1/2 tsp vanilla powder (I added vanilla extract instead)
80g golden syrup

15 egg yolk
3 egg white
120g castor sugar
80g superfine or HK flour (I used AP flour)
1 tbsp ovallete
20 ml cold water

a few drop of yellow colouring
150g pitted prunes (I used 250g minus 2 pieces that went into my mouth hehehez)
Melted butter

1.Greased a 8x8x3 pan.. preheat oven 180C
2. Whisk A on high speed for abt 7mins or till thick and creamy.. put it aside
3. In another bowl.. Whisk B on medium speed for 10mins or till thick and fluffy
4. Add butter mixture (A) into egg mixture (B) and continue to whisk till well blended
5. Add in yellow colouring
6. Separate batter into 10 portions... abt 90g each layer
7. Spread a portion of batter evenly into pan
8. Tilt pan left and right to level batter or use back of ur spoon. Grill for 5 minutes or until golden.
9. Remove from oven and press cake layer to remove excess air. Brush layer with melted butter and spread another portion of batter over the cooked layer, tilt pan to level batter and arrange flattened prunes onto batter. Grill for 5 minutes or until golden. (My luvly oven required 7 mins for the first 5 layers and 6 mins for the next 6)
10. Alternate step 8 and 9 until batter is finished.
11. Bake last layer using upper and lower heat for a further 10mins .. (use aluminium foil to cover the top so as to prevent the top fm turning too dark)

Have a great week ahead everybody ;) TTFN.....


Yat Maria said...

Waduh3x...KA lose virginity dengan tu kak lapis prune..tsk3x..memang patut pongg!! haha..look good mana u dapat tu KA cover babe? I nak la..

Anie said...


Tenkiu babe ;) ingat nak buat cupcake tadi tapi rasa mcm tak challenging pulak utk opening ceremony of the KA yg dah beberapa bulan duduk dlm kotak tangkap habuk ahakkksss statement menyampah gitu kan LOL!!

Itu cover I bought it at Amazon lah babe, cost 24USD jer ;)

Yat Maria said...

Boleh percaya ek Amazon? I sket nyer penakot arrr..ehhh babe..gimme the link arr

Anie said...

Babe, I shopping segala mcm mak nenek dkt amazon....alhamdullilah semuanya sampai dgn selamatnya. Mine was free shipping to a friend's APO (American Post Office) address & she passed it to me in sg. Jadi I tak tau lah kalau shipping to s'pore will cost how much.

Dkt Jurong Point ada kedai yg jual kitchenaid, u dah pernah tgk2 dkt sana ada jual ke tak the cover. Anyway ur KA colour apa?? Ada 4 colours the cover....white, khaki, empire red and onyx. Other colours, ada jugak tak salah tapi bukan orignal KA ahakkkss.

Hmmzz I tried to copy paste the link tak boleh lah pulak. U just go to then type kitchenaid cover dkt search...nanti kluar lah. Nanti I email u the link ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Anie, first time I see these cake.
Looks really good.
Love the rich texture and colours.
I guess one spoon in mouth lupa nama mak, ha ha.
Have a nice day and happy Valentine.
Keep a song in your heart.

Anie said...

Hello Uncle Lee ;)

Tks for the kind compliments uncle. This cake been featured a lot of times at many famous blogs maybe u missed their post hehehez.

Happy Valentine's to u too....have a great week ahead.

mrs plain-june said...

finally!! u go girl!!! so sorry for instilling pelik2 thoughts (ahkak ni memang over :p)
haha.. i pun mcm you.. boleh dok tengok je that KA in action.. it lasted for a while though.. ;)
waaa... santeknya prune lapis tu. nk oder kat zarin lah camni..

somuffins said...

Vavavaaaa...buat lapis prune with a bang kekdahnya... maka hilanglah dara itew KA, ahaks.

Kalau I dpt KA, akan ku hilangkan daranya dengan 'menguli' dulu (tak tahan menguli sendiri naik muscle kat dot2, har3).

Rima said...

It's cheaper to get it fm the US but itew transformer harus lah kena beli or else... Adehhh.. Ini prune cake recipe memang best.. I also like to bake it.. Cepat dibakar.. Cepat dingap ahaks...

Anie said...


Tima kasih ahkak June sbb sudi jwb soalan2 I pasal transformer ni. Kalau tak entah bila lah dia akan digunakan ahaakkkss.

Lerrr tak kan lah nak order the prune lapis pulak....buat lah sendiri. It's fun I guarantee u hehehez.

Anie said...

Cik Som,

Nak hilangkan dara si KA ni I terpaksa lah bersihkan sawang labah2...phewwww lega dah akhirnya dpt digunakan....hehehez.

Boleh2 KA bole uli dough...semua pun boleh hehehez. Tgh bayangkan muscle dot dot tu dkt mana hmmmzzz :pppp

Anie said...


Mmg tersangat lah murah. Cost 1/3 the price if I were to buy one here. Baking speciality store dkt sini mmg cekik darah....mencciii :(

Ini prune lapis sedap for my tekak but hb no like...lucky semalam I dah bagi2 2/3 of the cake away. Kalau tak I maaakkkkkaannn lagi dan lagi aiyooohhh pengsan!!! :D

Y. Salleh said...

lol! i just googled my name and saw this.. glad to know yr KA works! lol.. every now and then i would recall and wanted to ask if u had tried it but always kept forgetting again later on.. yr KA really travelled far.. it went through a war zone! lol...

Anie said...

Yat my friend ;) how r u babe?? U've been too quiet again on fb hehehez. Don't tell me u r on a holiday again...I very jealous horrr!!! :ppp

I've been wanting to reply ur msg on fb to tell u abt the KA...I read the msg some time back and then I ter forget, everytime I reminded the end something sure distract me. Yikes me getting older lah :(

Alhamdullilah the KA is working certainy travelled a long distance kan. Thank u for all the trouble that u went thru Yat. Allah bless u my friend....

PS : I made u famous eh?? LOL!!

Y. Salleh said...

alamak..dah type panjang2 skali the whole thing disappeared!

lol.. yes u made me famous but i love it cos i'm associated to very good looking food!

i'm doing alright, just super busy with the transfer to another province recently.. (yes, i'm responsible for that weird flag in your 'Live Feed') :P

great to know the KA works and dont worry about any trouble. it was a pleasure for me cos i get to see more delicious food from yr blog.. hehe

not on holiday yet.. maybe in april :))

how are u and family doing? hope all is well. nice catching up here (will log in to fb when i can).. u take care and may Allah bless u too, my long-lost but newly-found-again friend! :))

Anie said...


Sorry I took awhile to reply to u. Been a little bz and no mood lately ahakksss.

Its April now, I reckin u r on holiday lah ni. U going back to sg ke for 'Amazing Food Race' yummzz yummzz. Eat the satay and laksa and errmmm the char kway teow on my behalf eh hehehehez.

Alhamdullilah we are doing great here. Its still a little warm despite being autumn right now. We are still in shorts and having the fan on....some afternoon is so hot lah.

Thanks for dropping a line here Yat and thanks for coming to little space here ;) I luv the fact that I have a weird flag appearing on my live orang lain tak ada whooaaa.

Enjoy urself babe....hope to meet up again someday ;) Take care muacckkss :ppp