Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Donut Suria

Salam to all,

Happy leap year everyone ;)  Wouldnt it be great that if those born on this day only gets old every 4 yrs hehehez.  I know that it will be hard for the teenagers bcos when I was at that age, I wanted to grow up to be an adult so much.  Right now, at this age, I wish I can turn back time.....haizzz.  Anyway, I didnt do any leap of joy today.  Just went to Hamilton to visit aunty Eton and did my groceries at the same time.

It's been two days in a row that I made these donuts.  Yesterday, hb requested for them and asked me to fill the donuts with whipped cream. I didnt photo the donuts yesterday as I couldnt be bothered to cos I know that I will be making them again today.  I made them again today as aunty Eton requested for me to bring her some donuts when I visit her today.  I've been using this trusted donut recipe all the time since its so easy to remember the ingredients.  They come in 3s and 2s.  I didn't have much time left and needed to hurry to Hamilton just now and didn't get to take 'pretty' photos.

Source : Mamafami
3 cups flour
3 tblsp caster sugar
3 tblsp shortening
3 tblsp milk powder

200ml lukewarm water
2 tsp instant yeast
20ml water extra - if needed

1) Mix well all the ingredients B.
2) Pour into ingredients A and knead until smooth and shiny.
3) Roll to abt 1/2 thick and cut with a donut cutter.
4) Leave to proof for abt 30 mins or until double in size.
5) Fry on  medium heat till golden brown.
6) Coat with sugar.
As usual, I skipped step 1 & 2 and used the breadmaker to do the hard work for me ;)

Summer has been too wet and cold with a few very fine, hot days this year.  Our chillies didnt grow in abundance like last year's :(  Apart from the weather, I have to blame hb too and he does agree that it was partly his fault hehehez.  He didn't prepare the soil properly this year, no compost and no after care.  He was really rushing to plant them.  Out of 20 plants only 12 survived and they were only little......

I prefer red chillies here as the green ones can be easily bought from the supermarket or the asian shop.  The red chillies are more expensive.  Saw them at supermarket just now and they cost $46 a kg yellpp!!!! Ahamdullilah these ones in the planter box are turning red.  Up to date, I've harvested 3 red chillies in total yeayyyy!! :ppp  Will share photos of corns next time....they are ready to be harvested......


somuffins said...

Rajin juga your bercucuk tanam. Cili2 tu dibuat jeruk juga ke? Atau pun nak oder aje dari Yat?? hehe..

I buat donut bulat2, maklum I kan 'sangat rajin?'.. Rupa cam bola golf, senang ngap..

Anie said...


Not me yg bercucuk tanam but I suruh my hb jer yg buat hehehez.

Lagi leceh kan nak bulat2kan the donut mcm golf ball. Mcm tak abis2 keje to me hehehez. I guna cutter jer....cepat sikit abis ;)

Anie said...

Ohhh lupa nak jwb pasal cili. I simpan dlm freezer buat hari tua :ppp buat stock. Kalau nak guna dah ada....nak buat sambal belacan ke, sambal belado ke, sambal nasi ayam ke, sambal itu ke ini ke.

Kalau cili jeruk, I guna yg hijau...kalau takde kat kebun. Beli jer yg fresh dkt kedai. Yat tu blom tau nak share dgn I cili jeruk dia wahahahaz pasal tu I buat sendiri jer Cik Som :D

Yat Maria said...


mana dah my comment lesap di telan angin...anyway..cili jerok adalah restricted item at my manalah bule sharekan..ahaksss..dasar pelokek kan..but then not really arr..the turnover rate amat pantas sekali so selalu takda chance nak share la..

Coming back to this recipe donut.. InsyaAllah I AKAN buat..hopefully tmr so that the kids can makan sambil ada extra duties..besides opening my place up for them, harus dipikirkan what kuih, cookies for them to munch sambil belajar..cannot takder one..coz they will give me forlorn nak tak nak ai akan whip jgk something this time round, the donuts la it shall be..thanks for the idea :)

Anie said...


Babe tu arh this blogger leave ur comment thingy mmg tak boleh diharap arh. Quite a few changes made this past few weeks kan.

Hahahahaz.....I still remember abt ur cili jeruk post!! Sampai nak ration kasi sorang sikit the cili jeruk semua sbb slalu jer ur supply cepat abis kan.

Try lah babe this donut....the kids gonna luv it, insyaAllah ;) It's one of the makcik, aunty eton, punya feveret. Everytime suruh I buat this donut for her. Enjoy the weekend and enjoy ur baking......

Leezas touch said...

Hi there...ur donuts memang nampak delicious.Must try to make them for the children.

Anie said...

Leezas Touch,

Thank u kak Liza, sudi singgah and leave a comment here ;)

InsyaAllah ur kids will luv the donut kak. Bahan2 pun senang aja and donut stays soft walaupun dah sejuk.

MamaFaMi said...

Hi Anie,

Same reason here why i like this recipe. Besides easy to prepare, ingredients pun easy to remember. Comes in 3's and 2's. Tapi jangan tersilap mana yang 3 mana yang 2, sudahlah kan. Ahaks... Donut Cikgu Suria ni infact is very flexible. Not only boleh buat donut, boleh gak wat pizza base, and also sausage rolls...

Your donuts really look delicious.. yummy yummy!

Anie said...


Tenkiu Mama for the kind compliments and also sbb sudi singgah my blog and for leaving a beautiful comment here. I am in cloud 9 ahakksss.

Totally agree with u regarding this donut. Easy to make and easy to remember the ingredients. Yg penting its sooooo lembut. Have yet to turn it into pizza and other things. Mmg yummyyy.....thank u for sharing the recipe Mama ;)