Monday, December 5, 2011

Sultana Butter Cake

Salam to all, was the weekend everybody??  It really flies too quickly aye.  Too quickly that we will be saying goodbye to 2011 soon, yeah very soon.  Just gonna post this quick entry before I start cooking for dinner.  It will be roast chicken with roast potatoes and kumaras (maori sweet potatoes) tonight.  Jannah must have enough of curry...she requested for chicken soup today hehehez.

Saw this sultana butter cake at Yat's the other day and I so couldnt resist it.  Made it today and it was oh so yummy.  Hb is not a big fan of dried fruits and he ate 2 slices and said that he's gonna have more after dinner.  I am gonna keep a few slices in the fridge and enjoy them with a cuppa tomorrow.  I am sure that is gonna taste yummier after being kept a day....reminds me of the Sara Lee pound cake yummmzz.

Hey babe, I tried to leave a comment at ur blog to ask what size baking pan did u use but I don't know why I can't leave a comment.  I must have played around with my google settings.  Will try to figure out what's wrong with the settings if I am not lazy later.......hehehez.

Sultana Butter Cake
Source :  Yat @ Easybakes Tks babe for sharing this recipe ;)


5 Eggs
180 Sugar
200g Self Raising Flour, sifted (I used all purpose flour and added 2 tsp of double action baking powder)
250g Butter, soften
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
80g Raisin, soaked to soften and dried (I added 100g of raisins and soaked in orange juice & later coat them with some flour)

How to do it: 
Preheat oven at 170C
Grease baking tin.
Beat butter and sugar till creamy and light.
Add egg one at a time and mix until well combined.
Add flour and fold in slowly.
Mix in vanilla essence and mix evenly.
Lastly add sultanas & fold just so.
Pour mixture into baking tin.
Bake in reheated oven for 45 - 50 minutes.
Remove and cool on rack.

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Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of the week ;)


Yat Maria said...

Waduhhhhh dari jauh..macam ku KENAL arr itew cake dengan itew bintil2 raisins dia sekali arr...hehe..rupanya baru gak ku buat..ahaksss..tapi yours very mengancam arr Babe! seriously..macam terbau2 jer butter sampai sini taw..

So I guess Jannah is better now la kan, as dah bule request for curry :)

And u r rite babe, this cake, u simpan sehari, rasa leh oomphhh lagi..thanks for cuba-ing..bye bye..ku lagi sakit belakang arr..

Anie said...

Hahahaz...mmg mengancam arh kek ni, I dah jatuh cinta pandang pertama bila terlihatnya di blog u ahaakkkzz :D I baru menikmati kek yg disimpan dlm esbok hari ni...enak banget dehhh!! :ppp Dah tinggal 2 slices aja...ganaskan me and hb yg tukang mkn. Thumbs up for the recipe babe.

Alhamdullilah Jannah is all good now. U have to take care of urself also, sakit belakang tampal koyok mana tau baik hehehez ;)

mrs plain-june said...

anie dearie.. what a good feeling to see your update! i just came back frm hajj and almost 3days down with "sleeping-all-day-long" mood.. bila bukak my blog today i can see that u r back!!! am so ecstatic! tak sabar nk tgk your recipes lagi. pls camera.. jgn rosak lagi.. hehe..

Maya Marisa said...

anie, u r back in action! am so looking forward to see more of ur bakings & ramblings. take care yea darl!

Rima said...

OMG ur back!! lahhh if tak bw ku tak tahu pun ur back.. ni lah orang rajin bw.. orang dah update kita baru dapat tahu.. hope all is well with u.. welcome back to the blogger world and that cake looks yummeh!

Anie said...

Mrs Plain-June,

Selamat pulang ke tanahair, alhamdullilah membawa pulang haji yg mabrur....insyaAllah ;) I know the feeling of travelling...penatnya mmmg terlebih2 hahahaz. It took me almost 2 wks to finally finish packing when I came back frm sg....diary org malas :ppp

Anie said...


Tks dear, I'm happy to be blogging again too ;) Happy to hear frm u too.....

Anie said...


Hello kakak ku ;) bz aja dgn order2& baking2 hehehez sbb tu takde time nak bw. I am always around, selalu aja pegi menjengok ur hse to look at all the bake wares droollzzz, leleh2 air liur sampai basah baju eeeeiiiwww ^_^

Cuma kan kan kan tak boleh leave comments cos I am having problem with google or is it blogger entah kenapa tak boleh leave comments :( haiizzz apasal tah with the settings. InsyaAllah will be back for good....Hope all is well with u too babe ;)