Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pudding Kasih @ Love Pudding

Salam everyone ;)

How was the weekend?  The town area and the roads are crazy and busy here.  Everyone must be rushing around with their last minute Xmas shopping.  I hope that there won't be many cars tomorrow as I am going to Hamilton to do my fornightly groceries shopping there.  The shops close early on Xmas eve, are closed on Xmas and only opens after 1pm on Boxing Day.  Boxing day is a shoppers paradise here, the sales are to die for ahhaakkss.  I've been in NZ for almost 6 yrs now and haven't managed to get myself into the Boxing Day sales yet.  I just couldn't be bothered finding a car park and pushing and tugging with the other shoppers I supposed :D.

Anyway, this is another dessert that I brought to Aunty Eton last Saturday.  A big hit amongst other fellow Malays at the kenduri.  Aunty Eton asked me to make more for her next time.  InsyaAllah next time if I am not lazy ok, aunty hehehez ;)  Jannah luvs it but hb didnt like it at all.  I had extra coloured agar-agar and I made extra ingredients B.  The 2nd one was finished by myself & Jannah ~~ Jannah had more than me thou hehehez.  The 1st one that I made, I used a bundt pan, the coloured agar2 floated.  The 2nd one I just used a square bowl and the agar2 didn't float and the pudding looks better.

Source : Yat @ Easybakes

Ingredients A :
1/2 packet agar-agar powder @ 2 tsp from a 10 gm pack
300 ml water
200 ml coconut milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
2 tsp rose syrup (I used strawberry essence)
2 tsp pandan essence + green food colouring

Method :
Put water, agar-agar powder, sugar in a pot and boil until sugar and agar-agak powder dissolved. Turn heat to low.
Crack egg into coconut milk and lightly beat it with a fork
Pour into the agar-agar mixture and cook furher with LOW HEAT until mixture boiled.
Divide mixture into 2 equal parts and add rose syrup into one part & pandan essence into the other. (I divided mine into 3 and added yellow food colouring)
Pour mixture into desired moulds and let it set.

Ingredients B :
1/2 packet agar-agar powder
500 ml water
1/4 cup sugar
50 gm gula Melaka / coconut sugar / palm sugar
1 daun pandan / screw pine leaf (tie into a knot)

Method :
Place daun pandan, agar-agar powder, gula Melaka, sugar and water into a pot.
Cook all the ingredients until boiled and dissolved.
Turn off heat.

How to Assemble :
Place ingredients A into a bigger mould and pour ingredients B while its still hot into the mould and let them set. to go, plumber will be here soon to fix the shower head ;)  Take care everyone........


kasihredha said...

cantiknya...sweet sgt colour dia.
Besarnya strawberry tu

Anie said...

Tenkiu kak kasih ;) strawberry tu semua yg paling kecik...ada lagi besar drpd tu semua hehehez

cik cek said...

WoW!...cantik2 sumenya...acuan cantik...kuih pun menarikkk...:)

Anie said...

Tenkiu Cik Cek ;)

somuffins said...

Masyaallah! Berseni betul puding tu and you are so patient!

*meleleh airliur*

Anie said...


Tenkiu many2 CS ;) nah amik tissue ni pi lap air liur ahaakkksss....

Yat Maria said...

Beautiful!!! just beautiful la babe!! And lagi beautiful is that small2 multi shapes that nordic?? ku tak nampak plak ada kat ToTT..I think dun hv la..harus kah ku beli online??ishhh..

eh..kapan mau bungkus Jannah? hahaha..tu kira my xmas prezen arr..

Anie said...

Tenkiu many2 babe ;) yup the acuan kecik2 is nordic also...its called tea cake & candy mold bundt. Dkt Tott tak tau lah ada ke tak. I beli this one dkt amazon. I pegi Tott the other time cuma beli yg star bundt pan sbb dkt amazon mahal. Nak beli yg lain takut pulak excess baggage hahahaz :D

Jannah eh nanti arh, I kena beli oxygen tank, nak kena beli supply makanan....kena save up dulu nyehahahaz.