Monday, June 25, 2012

Whoppie Pies

Salam all,

Hmmmzz where was I??  Still here I supposed.  Not a single entry for the month of June so far.  Alhamdullilah I am given the chance to at least upload an entry now ;)  Winter knocks on our door on 1st of June, and I must say that this is the coldest winter I am experiencing.  I am probably getting old and couldnt handle the cold anymore :(  Last year, we didnt even turn on the heater as our little house is cosy enough and insulated....or it was probably was a mild winter last year and only got chilly towards the end of winter.  This year, I couldnt stand the chill at all, the lowest temperature was only -2 degrees C.  We turned on the heater on the 2nd day of winter and I was even wearing extra clothing & socks at home, I even cranked the heater dial to the highest and I was still freezing.  Alhamdullilah, last week onwards.....its been raining and it wasnt that freezing like the 1st and 2nd week of winter.  I am back to wearing a tshirt and long pants at home...and lucky me my fingers arent frozen while typing this entry ;)

My bestie was supposed to come over to NZ for a holiday this month....but due to unforeseen circumstances her plan has to be cancelled.  Me and bestie did planned to go to a few places which includes going to Mount Ruapehu to experiece snow.  During the planning, I told hb that bestie was gonna come over and so he applied for leave.  His leave was approved for 3 weeks but we didnt go anywhere.  Allah is the best planner after all and alhamdullilah, Hb got paid extra this month and he bought a PS3 for himself, bought Jannah an alcheapo android tablet that I am almost claiming it right now.  Both of us are addicted to playing the puzzle games hehehez.  He gave me some money which I am still holding on to....dunno if I should get an Ipad 3 or another lens hmmmzz.

Due to the cold weather, I have been snuggling in bed, hibernating most of the times hehehez.  As our water supply pipes are not insulated underground properly, it did got frozen a few times when we had a few frosty mornings. Hb said he was gonna fix it.....that was 2 years ago aiyayayayay.  One morning, I had a bad tummy ache and I hate to go to the toilet when its freezing @_@  Arrgghhh and just imagine when there's no water when u finished ur business....haiizzz I had to drag myself out to the cold and defrost the pipe by pouring hot water on it.

I havent been blog walking or opening my blog to avoid the temptation and drooling over yummy looking pictures that other fellow bloggers posted on their blog. The past few weeks, I did baked a few warm desserts like apple crumble, chocolate lave cake, self saucing pudding but couldnt be bothered to photo them.  They have to be consumed while they are still warm and as the days are shorter during winter, I couldnt be bothered to play around with the camera settings to photo the yummy desserts under my kitchen light *another excuse aye* :pp I did take an order of 250 pieces of the polka dot apams and that was all.  As for today, I finally surrendered to Jannah's constant bugging that she wanted to do some baking.  I decided on these whoppie pies that I have bookmarked for a long time now and am glad that I baked them.  Jannah ate them non stop and hb's question everytime I baked anything chocolatey is "Did u use the flash cocoa or chocolate?  These are really yummzz and rich."  The answer is YES ;)

Source : Rima @ Bisousatoi
Adapted From : Joy of Baking

1 3/4 cups (230 grams) flour
3/4 cup (75 grams) Dutch-processed cocoa powder - i used valrhona
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup (170 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature
3/4 cup (150 grams) granulated white sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
1 tsp pure vanilla extract or vanilla essence
1/4 cup (60 ml) buttermilk
1/2 cup (120 ml) lukewarm strong coffee or !/2 cup (120 ml) lukewarm water

Note : I used cream cheese frosting for the filling.  You can get the recipe here

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) and place oven rack in the center of the oven. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
In a large bowl sift together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
In the bowl of your electric mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment (can also use a hand mixer), beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg beating well. Beat in the vanilla extract. In a small measuring cup, mix the buttermilk and coffee (or water). With the mixer on low speed, alternately add the flour mixture and buttermilk/coffee mixture, in three additions, beginning and ending with the flour. Drop heaping tablespoons (can also use a small ice cream scoop) of the batter onto the prepared baking sheets, spacing about 2 inches (5 cm) apart. With moistened fingers or with the back of a spoon, smooth the tops of the cookies.
Bake for about 9 - 10 minutes or until the tops of the cookies, when lightly pressed, spring back. Remove from oven and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Hopefully I can battle the cold for a few more entries this month before its over ;) For now, I am going for my walk that is.  TTFN.


Yat Maria said... r u? hibernating eh...samalah kita..cuma I hibernating bergelumang with work arr! Sini panas tak leh tahan...I on aircon + fan cam tak cukup...sana plak winter sejuk gilos..I kalah pat sejuk2 nih..baru 11C I dah cam tak leh angss...kalo minus2 keras kejung jugak ai kang. My cuzz in Calgary ada dok panggil untuk berhibernate kat sinun time salam ai kata..besides the air fare & long journey, nanti vontot ku jugak jadi ais as her winter is minus minus punya..lagi kalo driving on icy road..i byk seram arr...

back to the whoppie pies..ada masa akan ku wat jugak for a gathering..ku tak leh tahan coklat2 gitu!

CS said...

You pun hibernate juga ya? I menyepi for 10 days sebab jadi 'misi'. Now my time is my time, ada relax sket boleh ngadap laptop.

Tabiklah kat you n the rest yg dah buat pie nih. I baca resipinya aje, I dah gigil.

kasihredha said...

zarin pernah kasi akak try pie ni...sedap :)

dah sejuk ye di sana...kat sini panazzzz

Anie said...


Alhamdullilah babe, I am doing fine. Happy I akhirnya u timbul di alam bloggin hehehehez ;) Harap2 things at work will be better for u.

I heard dkt Canada, winter dkt sana lagi sejuk giler. Cfm I pun tak boleh tahan dkt sana. Kalau keluar jalan2 kena selubung dgn duvet cover hehehez :p

Sgt disukai ramai ini whoppie pies. My hb sampai suruh I pack kan dia for his lunch today.

Anie said...


Untung encik TB ada misi yg jaga dia dgn penuh kasih sayang sampai dia baik ;)

I blogging ni ada mood jugak...kalau tak cfm I akan hibernate hehehez sampai blog sendiri pun I tak nak bukak.

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Tu dgr drpd kawan2 dgn family yg dkt S'pore pun tgh panas. Cuaca bumi dah tak menentu lah....

Alhamdullilah mmg sedap pies ni....nxt time nak try lain flavour pulak.

rostina76 said...

saw zarin did it last few mth & really attract my attention @that time. hehe....habuk pun xdak (xbuat2 lagi pun). ni tgk u plak buat make me feel nakkkk bt gak tapi huhu no promise to myself (kesian my kids, mommy dia camni)

zarin said...

hi babe!
i pun hibernate sbb panas sgt..malas nk update blog n blogwalking coz takut cair kena panas hahaha
my hasya pun suka sgt whoopie pies ni..ive tried both red velvet n choc..

Anie said...


Alaaaa tak mau too hard on urself ;) Kalau kita rajin, anak2 kita ngan hb yg untung. Kalau kita malas dorang tak rugi apa2 ahakkksss betul tak?

InsyaAllah one day u mesti buat...meh I kasi motivation. Senang jer nak buat and bahan2 pun tak byk and most important of all....Sooddaappp.

Anie said...


Oh me oh my babe....rindunya I dgn u. Lama kita tak bersua in between or blogs hahahaz. Hope u r doing well babe ;) and I sgt suka dgn ur reasoning abt being M :ppp

Jannah pun suka....tapi herannya dia suka makan when they were freshly baked. The next day....dia ckp "mama, small cakes ni dah yucky lah" boleh gitu @_@