Friday, June 29, 2012

Banana Walnut Streusel Pound Cake

Salam all,

Helllloooooo people ;) Yup another update from this mental blogger :ppp.  Yeah I admit that I am mental cos if I am in the mood to bake and update, I will be doing it regularly.  Otherwise, u'll see me dissapear for a few weeks or months maybe....hehehez.  Please, please I beg u not to miss me when I am gone * shameful is that statement* pukes!!!  I think I am little crazy today....please bear with me haizzzz hormones, hormones.

Anyway let me tell u a little story abt this cake.  This is the first time ever that I am left with no eggs in the fridge ~ another sign of old age.  I usually will buy 2 types of eggs, one is free range for our sunny side up and a tray of eggs that consists of 30s for baking bcos they are cheaper.  After that I will transfer the 30s egg into 2, dozen cartons and stack the rest of the eggs on top of  the cartons and keep them in the fridge.  This way, I can save some space in the fridge.  I thought I had a total of 18 eggs when I decided to make the pandan chiffon last Wednesday but lo and behold, the bottom egg carton was empty.  Thus after making the chiffon I am left with only 2 eggs.  I have yet to get my *$* to the supermarket to get more eggs.....lazy, plus its too cold plus I didnt have the car today as hb was using it for work and I can list more reasons if I want to but naaahhh let me stop here hehehez.

This pound cake recipe, I have bookmarked ages ago and I have used the streusel recipe the other time when I made the feijoa streusel muffins.  The recipe is perfect as it calls for 2 eggs.  I know I can search for eggless recipes but why bother since I am all set to bake this yummy pound cake :ppp.  And.....I was also left with one lifeless banana that was exactly 100g, the signs for me to bake this cake were there thats why I shall not wait anymore.  The cake was a perfect size for us and it was so moist apart from the struesel topping falling apart when I tried to slice it.  Guess what.....I didnt waste a single crumb of the struesel, too crunchy and yummy to waste them.  Maybe that's why I am a little crazy today, I probably am a little sugar high......I had 2 fat slices of this cake yumzz yummzz and I want MORE!!! :D

Source : Happy Home Baking
Adapted from : 贝太厨房 and 欧陆点心&磅蛋糕 (Don't ask me how to pronounce or read this :ppp)

Banana Walnut Streusel Pound Cake
(makes a 18cmx8cmx6cm pound cake)

100g unsalted butter, room temperature
65g icing sugar, sieve
2 eggs, room temperature, lightly beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
100g banana, mashed
125g cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

50g walnuts

25g unsalted butter, room temperature
25g icing sugar, sieve
25g cake flour

To make streusel, place butter, icing sugar and cake flour in a bowl. With a fork, mix together the ingredients to form a soft dough. Leave in the fridge to chill.
Break walnuts into pieces, place in a baking tray and toast it in a preheated oven at 100degC for 10mins. Set aside to cool.
Line pound cake pan (18cm x 8cm x 6cm) with baking paper, set aside. Sieve flour and baking powder together, set aside.
Place butter in a mixing bowl. With a handheld electric mixer, beat the butter for a few seconds on medium speed. Add half of the icing sugar and continue to beat till the sugar is incorporated into the butter mixture. Add the remaining half of the icing sugar and continue to beat till the mixture turns pale, light and fluffy.
Dribble in the eggs gradually, about 1 tablespoon at a time, each time beat at low speed till incorporated into the mixture before adding. This step is important to prevent the batter from curdling. Even though some flour can be added to the batter to stop it from curdling, the texture of the cake will be affected. (Note: always use room temperature eggs to prevent curdling.)
Add in the vanilla extract and the mashed banana. Fold with a spatula till just incorporated. Do not over mix as it may cause the batter to curdle.
Sieve over the flour and baking powder mixture. Fold in the flour mixture with a spatula. Once the flour is incorporated into the batter, continue to fold for 1 to 2 mins until the batter appears smooth and glossy. This step is important so that gluten in the flour will be formed which will help the cake to rise and expand during baking.
Pour finished batter into prepared pan. Spread batter and smooth top. Sprinkle the walnut pieces on top. Lightly press into the batter with spatula.
Remove chilled streusel dough from fridge. Grate the dough over the top of the batter. Work quickly as the dough will soften very fast (especially on hot days).
Bake in pre-heated oven at 170degC for 25 mins. Remove pan from oven and make a slit with a wet knife (dipped in water) across the middle. Return to oven and continue to bake for 35 - 40mins until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean, and the top is golden. Unmold and leave to cool completely. Store in air-tight container or wrap in cling wrap. Pound cakes are best eaten the next day.

The moon was sighted at abt 3.30pm ish when I took this photo.  The skies were clear and it has been warm today.  One thing abt clear skies and warm day, it means that is gonna be a chilly night.  Hb said that it will be a -3 deg C but I checked on the net and it stated 1 deg C.  To everyone down under....keep warm and to the rest of the world....enjoy the weekend.  TTFN ;)


Yat Maria said...

Waduh5x!!! babe, kemain engine turbo! baru tgk yr cipon ni dah kluar a different cake plak..

Ohhh...u amik from cik tipah pisang & kawan cik tipah pisang blog ek...tu ler translasi dia..hehehe..nanti kalo ada pisang, i wat cake ni plak..konplit ngan the streusel :)

ok babe..after maghrib gotta go inlaws place, nak amik pokok siap dengan pasu & stand dia..kasi cam ni ai suka..tak yah i pening pi beli the stand & pasu kan..sambil amik pokok, ku harap ada gak makanan yummy yg dimasak inlaw..mana taw lwh tapau balik kan..heheh..bule gitu org dah kasi pokok, mengharap gak tapau makanan :)..nanti ai wat muka seposen sure i dapat punya..heehheh.. happy weekend babe!

Anie said...


Alaaaa biasa arh babe I ni. Kalau rajin, rajin tahap gaban and kalau malas....tak tau lah tahap apa hehehehez. Sementara ada mood ni baik lah I update blog I yg tak seberapa ni sblom ianya bersarang :D

Tak sangka I u pandai translate huruf tu semua eh. I carik2 jugak huruf M tapi takde LOL!!!

Ok babe, take care many2. Enjoy ur time dkt in-laws & the weekends. Cfm mesti ada makan besar and cfm mesti ada doggy bag *woof woof* jeles I dgn org2 yg ada in-laws yg boleh masak2kan yg sodap2 >.<

Rima said...

eh semenjak member se flag ku laju macam turbo.. hati ku pun terasa macam turbo.. suka banget.. walaupun ku rasa frust menonggeng right now.. i know for sure next week didalam kesibukan ku membaking for sg/malaysian orders and ditinggal kan suami dek kerana last min trip.. i know for sure by the end of the day when ku letak vontot ku diatas katil.. ade jugak member yg membuat ku ketawa.. keep on updating ok.. termasuk lah si Yat Maria sob sob sob

Yat Maria said... ku baru balik..(pun nak khabaq kat u...ahakssss)..tadi makan beehoon goreng basah..udang bergelimpangan..ishh..abeh tu dapat gak lah tapau bawak balik ayam rendang, beehoon tu and also sambal kuini!!! of all the things I love is the sambal buah kuini..kecur ayaq lioq ai babe..

abeh tu dari 1 pokok kok jadi 3..muahahahah...dah MIl tala kat ai...pokok tu daun apa ntah nama dia i lupa..she said orang buat botok2 selalu letak..she bilang lagi that my mom rajin wat botok2, so amik lah the pokok(s) + stand..last kopek dia hulur lagi 1 pasu kecik in the end jadi tiga..hehehe..ku suka tapi ku seram gak laki ku membebel sebab ku bilang 1 jer pokok memula, so masa dude pi amik kete dari carpark, i sound la my MIL..mak..mak bilang arr dude, mak besar hati hadiahkan pokok 3 pada menantu, tentu dia tak bebel, coz he is a mummy's boy...kalo ai yg kata, tentu dia ngomel jugak dalam that is what my MIL said to him..muahahhaha..pandai tak ai babe? so dude pun hangkutlah pokok2 tu (ada yg tinggi2 babe) tanpa bunyi masuk dalam kete, dia lipat 3rd & 2nd row seat.....berpeluh2 gak dia ai tengok..hehehe...tapi suara tak kluar...dah mak dia yg bagi kan..hehe...berguliga gak hotak ai babe :)

ishhh pada panjang benar ai comment nih!!

Anie said...


Tks for the kind compliments ;) sgt terharu ni wahahahaz. InsyaAllah I will keep updating and am happy that u enjoy reading my merepeks here :D

Baking for sg/m'sia orders....Waaahhh does that mean u going for another trip to KL ke? Arggghhh sgt jeles tahap gaban. If only I can escape from the cold and enjoy the local food....yummmzzz :pp

Anie said...


Best babe to read updates from u :) I sgt suka. Mcm Rima, bila blog u senyap hati I pun sepi pilu jer ahakkksss.

Kannnn I dah tau mesti ada makan besar punya. Haiisshhh lama I tak masak beehoon. Kat sini tak laku lah beehoon kalau mee goreng....1.5kg pun tak cukup whooaa. Ganas kan dorang. Sambal quini OMG!!!! berzaman since I last had that uwaaaa mau nangis lagi bila baca ada rendang ayam >.<

Wahahahaz....ketawa I baca part u ckp dude is mummy's boy. Takut juga u dia bebel kat u eh hehehehez. My hb pun suka bebel arhhh....kalau ada jer yg tak kena dia bebel punya bebel kalah mcm mak nenek seh *bingit*. I rasa mmg zaman dah terbalik kan org laki2 yg lebih suka bebel drpd pompuan. I ni plak cool aja....malas nak layan org kuat bebel. Duduk dlm bilik, tutup pintu lepas tu main game lagi happy wahahahahaz :D ~ buat mcm teenagers yg tak kuasa nak layan mak bapak dorang!!

I think pokok yg u ckp tu pokok cekur kot. Daun tu mmg slalu org buat botok2 and urap. Maybe I am wrong kot....maybe daun kunyit tak :pppp

Ribbon Clown said...


I dah lama x buat anything related to streusel.. elok I nak merayap ni baru u nak update isk isk.. kak yat n k Rima comment macam dah bertahun x jupe you ahaks! :p

Baru perasan ayat I x de conjunction.. laju macam train.. huhu

Anie said...


Tu arh kita 3 slalu rindu2an with each other ahhhaakkss. *ayat tak malu drpd I sendiri*: ppp

Takper lah nanti u balik merayap bole bake ini cake.....sedap and just nice for 3 person. Enjoy ur cuti2;)

CS said...

Memula katam baca your entry pastu katam baca komen dari DIVA2 kita tu, hehe..

Orang bercipon, orang berstreusel I tengok aje sambil lelehkan ayaq liur. Nantilah, I beli big new oven, akan I masak segalak *ayat tipu in broad daylight, har3*

I have sesisir pisang. Tak pasti apa akan jadi pada nasibnya, huhuhu..

Ribbon Clown said...

Hi Annie,

boleh tak email I your email add? he he my email: Tq2.. :D

Anie said...


Insyaallah nanti encik TB upah u oven yg besar sbb u da jadi misi yg sgt prihatin kat dia ahaakkkss ;)

I ni suka baking tapi sgt benci nak cuci segala brg2 yg telah digunakan. Can't wait nak suruh2 jannah je yg cuci hehehehez. Insyaallah one day u mesti motivated.

Ok.....nanti citer what telah happened to the pithanga eh dkt ur blog ;)

Anie said...


I da email u....just in case I tersalah ke or the email tersesat jalan. My email address is ;)


Scrumptious cake over there! Perfect for teatime soon :)

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Anie yg jauh dimata,

hehehe...selamat menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak pd Anie juga ya...semoga thn ini amalan kita semua lebih diberkati olehnya...alahai akak tengok kek tu dh terliur gitu...kek dh lama jadi baja...terima kasih ya rajin menegur akak...kak Nur pun kdg singgah juga disini tapi jadi silent reader gitu....alahai...


Assalamualaikum Anie..

Gambar semakin cantik dan mengoda..


Selamat berpuasa dan salam Ramadhan dari ita buat Anie dan keluarga.
Semoga kedatangan Ramadhan pada tahun ini memberikan keberkatan, di berikan kesihatan yang baik agar dapat menjalani nya dengan penuh rasa keinsafan dan kesyukuran..

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa

Anie said...


A perfect sized cake for a small family ;)

Anie said...

Waalaikumsalam Kak Nur yg dekat dihati ;)

InsyaAllah kak...amin to all the doas.

I pulak kadang2 jer dpt singgah blog kak Nur. Maklumlah my internet speed ni slow maut. Kak Nur nya blog ni berat sgt nak upload lah kak hehehehez.

Thank you Kak Nur sbb still remembers me and still sudi singgah kat sini kak. Maklum ler kita ni kadang2 timbul...kadang2 tenggelam terus ahakkks

Anie said...

Waalaikumsalam Ita ;)

Tenkiu for the kind compliments dear. Gambar kita cukup2 makan jer...tak boleh compare dgn u punya mengancam abis hehehez.

Selamat berpuasa juga buat Ita sekeluarga. InsyaAllah niat yg baik dan juga segala amalan yg baik kita ini sentiasa di rahmati Allah....ameen.

Terima Kasih sbb dlm kesibukkan Ita masih sudi singgah sini ;)