Monday, May 7, 2012

A Black Out, A Day Out & Visitors From Far Far Away

Salam to all,

Last Sunday, there was a major electrical repair being carried out in our area.  We were given a week notice of the power shut down that lasted almost 8 hours from 8.30am till 4.30pm.  Luckily the black out Sunday falls on hb's off day otherwise I would have gone crazy trying to entertain Jannah as she kept on asking to turn on the tv.  I woke up early that day but only had my shower at abt 8.10am and was lucky again as the power was shut right after I finished my shower.  I couldnt imagine showering with cold water!!  Still managed to prepare breakfast as our stove was running on gas, got Jannah ready and we left the house at abt 10ish am.

We went to Hamilton and did a bit of window shopping and aheemm 'accidentally' bought a few things.  Had a seafood basket lunch which consists of fish, mussels, oysters, crabstick, squid rings, scallops all battered served with a portion of hot chips :p yummz yummz.  We then proceed to Miranda Hot Springs which is about 1.5 hours drive from Hamilton.

Miranda Hot Springs.  The largest thermally heated fresh mineral water pools in the Southern Hemisphere.  Water temperature is between 36-38 deg C depending on season.

I didnt take much photos bcos I packed the wrong lens :(  Jannah couldnt wait around for me to take photos and wanted to jump into the hot pool very quickly.  It was cold standing around but once u dip urself into the hot really makes u feel so relax and wanting to drift off to sleep hehehez.  Hb said he wish we can have this kinda luxury at home.  I answered YES and suggested him to buy an outdoor jacuzzi.  Dream on Anie....ZZZzzz :ppp  We were there until the sun sets and it was hard to get Jannah out of the pool....haiizz.  After much coaxing she finally decided to leave and until today, kept on asking for us to take her there right now yikesss.

Barbeque / Covered picnic area.

Gaming Area.

Also last Tuesday, 2 of my Malaysian girlfriends that have left NZ after completing their PHDs came back here for a short trip as one of them attended her convocation.  Alhamdullilah we managed to catch up this time as I missed catching up the last time when they were here.  We chilled at Aunty Eton's house and I managed to baked feijoa cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and apam polka dots.  Didnt have time to photo them at home but I managed to snap a few photos.  They have left for Malaysia last Saturday....I wish them all the best for their future endeavours and all the best for their upcoming weddings.

Chocolate feijoa cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that I photoed them in the boot of my car :D

Apam Polka Dot the return ;)

I have a reader that asked me about ovalette.  If there's anyone that can share any information on substitution, I would really appreciate ur kindness.  I have read some where that u can sub it with egg yolks or condensed milk but I am not sure of the quantities.  I tried to google for answer but to no avail :(


Rima said...

tu apam angry bird mu bila tengok terbalik macam muka orang tengah agitated dgn hubs dia hahaha

Must be nice to hang out.. dah lama i tak buat kerja kerja cam gini..

Sub by adding egg yolks.. usually dalam 2 biji.. will find out more ok

Anie said...


Tu arh mcm super bingit with the hb eh hahahaz. The apams this time sgt wondering if I work too slow or is it the steamer's fault. Must be the steamer hehehez :p

It certainly was a great day....cuma penat sbb nak pegi tempat best2 dkt sini, slalu kena drive jauh.

Tenkiu many2 Rima for the info...I mmg pernah dgr sub with egg yolks tapi braper byk I also dunno :D

somuffins said...

Sub for ovalette is 6 egg yolks, ahaks.. biar kuih kembang dan ringan sampai boleh terbang cam hot air balloon .. whoaa.. sadislah I. Bergurau aje ya?

Kat sini bila hari panas, boleh terbakar kulit. Baru mandi aje dah mula berpeluh; cant imagine if electricity terputus. Masak kita dibuatnya..

Anie said...


6 aja ke Cik Som hehehez. I dah sediakan sepapan punya egg yolks ni chehhh dah macam boleh start buat kek lapis lah pulak :ppp

Tu arh I understand how u feel. Climate change lah skarang ni. I still remember dulu2 dkt sg....kadang2 sejuk sampai kita tak mau nak on kipas dkt rumah. Skarang kalau tak on kipas mmg tak boleh nak bernafas lah.