Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dentist & The Last Week Of Autumn

Salam everyone,

Thank you to all my lovelies for all the doas as well as the well wishes showered upon me for my dental torture yesterday ahakkks ;)  Alhamdullilah all went well.  My gums are a little swollen right now but I dont feel any pain and it does feel weird cos I dont have the feeling of an irritating broken tooth in my mouth any more :D

I was given 4 anesthetic shots at first and experienced head rush and shivering.  My dentist, goes by Dr Henry Ang, was a very kind and gentle soul.  I didnt asked where is he from....too shy lah :p  I thought he is a Malaysian but he has that Filipino-American accent....maybe he's half and half.  Dr Ang, to me looks like a teletubby.....hehehez.  His size, his cuteness and he's soft spoken, that's why I pictured him as teletubby :p  His table was filled with colourful pens, cute stickers that he used on his prescription and notes, and one or two copies of NZ Weekly Woman's magazine.  Yes, he has his feminine side :ppp awwwww.  He made sure that I was comfortable on the hot chair all the time and kept on asking if I was alright.  Thank you Dr Ang ;)

I was given my 5th shot bcos I still could feel pain when he tried to pull my tooth out.  After the 5th actually 4th shot, I was numbed from my gums to my tongue and even my left ear.  My lips were pouty like those of Anita Sarawak's hehehez but I couldnt control them, it was lop sided to the left.  I did feel that as if a crowbar was used to push my tooth out but all was well, no stiches required.  I was bleeding for almost 5 hours last night and thought that I will feel the pain kicking in when the anesthetic got worn off but I wasn't in pain at all.  All my doas and prayers to Allah were answered ;) I am blessed.

Hb did volunteer to accompany to the dentist but I decided to go my own instead.  Its located in Otorohanga, a small town abt 25kms from where I live.  Otorohanga is known as a Kiwiana town whereby u can find all sorts of Kiwi Icon there.  The only reason why I drove all the way there bcos I get subsidised dental fee from the government for using our special Community Services Card.  It only cost me $35 to get my wisdom tooth right ;)  I planned to rest in the car after the ordeal but I decided not to.  Thank Allah once again, the drive home for me was safe and well.

Otorohanga Town Centre

The Famous Golden Arch

Sir Edmund Hillary Walkway

Otorohanga District Library & Visitor Information Centre

All things Kiwiana.  Edmond's baking products, Buzzy Bee, Silver Ferns, Kiwi Bird, Jandal, Gum Boot, Pavlova, Kiwi Fruits,  Kiwiana Monarch Butterfly, Kiwi Shoe Shine Nuggets....

Right after I reached home, I made dinner.....chicken rice with honey glazed baked chicken, stir fried mix veggies with prawns and the chicken rice chilli of course.  I didnt have dinner until abt 9.30pm.  Only had 2 spoonfuls of rice with a little bit of veggies and a chicken drumstick.  Now......I am so hungry!!  Gonna go and eat the leftover now....hehehez ;)  Gonna feast like a king........yuummmmzzz.

View of the paddock from the front of our house.  I couldnt spot the sheeps and cow at first.

Saw them but can't find the other sheep.

Trees along our drive way.


kasihredha said...

Best2 dapat baca tentang NZ..dah lama berangan nak ke NZ(tak tau angan2 jadi kenyataan). Akhirnya dapat juga tengok sheep depan rumah anie...dah lama x tengok.

Alhamdulillah segalanya dah ok...baiknya dr ang tu ye.

somuffins said...

Alhamdulillah gigi telah dicabut dgn jayanya...tapikan..janganlah makan yg keras2 dulu, just eat bubur takot nanti gums you merentan.

Bagus gak you keluar bandar, kita pun berpeluang menjamu mata tengok alam sekitar disana. Mekasih :-)

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Insyaallah nanti satu hari jadi kenyataan angan2 akak nak dtg NZ ;) Kambing2 tu dulu ada 8 ekor. Ada dah mati, ada dah dikorbankan oleh tuannya. Ni tinggal 2 ekor and asik main sorok2 aja pasal tu malas nak amik gambar dorang hehehez.

Alhamdullilah kak ;) Dr Ang makes my fear of dentists hilang.....

Anie said...


Thank you Cik Som for ur advice ;) I makan sikit jer tadi nasi and masak sup utk dibuburkan nasi. Sayurnya dgn ayam I masukkan skali jadi bubur ayam beersayur....hehehez. Dah jadi baby balik ;)

InsyaAllah next time I amik gambar NZ lagi utk u cuci mata hehehez.

mrs plain-june said...

anie.. you very the untung u know. my experience kena belah gusi perrghhh.. sakitnya lg teruk dr nak beranak kot? i told my husband, rela beranak 10 drp belah gusi cabut gigi 1batang! once ubat bius gone airmata berjurai2 tanpa dipinta. seksanya rasa mcm nak hantuk kepala kat dinding sampai hilang rasa sakit. but of course tak buatlah.. :p
betul kata kak cs, jgn mkn keras2 lagi.. rehatkan gusi a day or two lepas tu sila belasahhhh.. hehe..

Anie said...

Mrs Plain-June,

Tu arh yg buat I takut nak kasi cabut my wisdom tooth :( I dgr drpd kawan2 kena buat surgery lah stiches lah itu lah ini lah sampai I simpan gigi tu berzaman2 hehehez. Sakit gigi yg I go thru lebih seksa drpd ianya dicabut smalam. Itu jer yg I menyesal sbb simpan sampai gigi pecah. Lain kali tak mo buat lagi hehehez. Alhamdullilah I am untung.

InsyaAllah I wont makan yg keras ;) tks for the advise June. Ini mcm teringin arh nak makan chocolate cake hehehehz.

Rima said...

alhamdullilah.. all done now.. cabut lagi mulia dari kena repair cos kena repair ni no only expensive.. if tak nasib tak de.. tup tup sakit lagi.. up to now i masih takut lagi and told my hubs if this time round sakit gigi lagi.. i will cabut.. i dont care!

hehe ambil gambar tu sesudah or selepas cabut gigi? hehe

Anonymous said...

Refreshing pictures, love them.

I hate to go to the dentist cause I have strong gigi roots. Each time mesti kena potong the gums baru boleh cabut.

Anie said...


I tak kisah pun kalau the wisdom yg nak kena cabut hehehez. Kalau gigi yg lain mesti I will try to repair hehehez. Tapi dental fees mmg mahal lah. Bukan takut kena korek2 gigi aja....takut tgk the bills also. Boleh pengsan....alhamdullilah alls well for me now ;)

Ni amik gambar sebelum cabut gigi hehehez...lepas cabut gigi dah tak boleh think straight. Ingat nak balik rumah aja :ppp

Anie said...


Tenkiu for the kind compliments Noir ;) Am happy to see u here again, maklumlah I punya blog ni mcm biskut oreo......sekejap ada, sekejap takde.

Tu arh I also scared to see dentist at first. Pasal tu lah I tahan the sakit gigi....nasib lah tak payah surgery. Alhamdullilah......

Ribbon Clown said...


Alhamdulilah dah cabut.. :D I lambat comment..sure dah boleh makan hebat2 dah ni he he..

Anie said...


Biar lambat asal selamat :D hehehez. Alhamdullilah alls well now...tapi mcm feeling ronggak gitew LOL!!

I 2nd day dah bedal mcm2....lapar!!!