Thursday, April 12, 2012

Balloons Over Waikato - ASB Night Glow

Salam to all,

This hot air ballon event is held yearly in the Waikato state of New Zealand.  This year, it was held on the 31st of March *eheemmss* yeah this was overdue.  Just one day before daylight savings ends.  I've been here for 7 yrs now and this was the first time that I went to this event.....hehehez.  I just wasnt motivated to go before but this time I have promised Jannah to take her there.  For the night glow show, the balloons didnt lift off the ground.  Instead, it was an orchestrated Balloon Glow show which ended with a dramatic Fireworks Finale display. The event started at 3.30pm but me and Jannah only reached there at abt 6.30pm ish as the night glow only started at 7.30pm.  During the day part, there were live music shows as well as a carnival there.

I almost missed this event this year bcos I thought the night glow was gonna be held on Sunday.  Lucky that I checked my fb and saw some friends updatating their status saying that they will be going to the event on Saturday.....phew!!!  I only went there with Jannah as hb wasnt feeling well.  I had to leave our car at the special bus pick up as I didnt want to scramble for parking space near the event area.

Jannah really had a great time.....she danced, screamed, hopped, jumped and lurved the fireworks the most.  I've yet to go for the morning/afternoon event where you can go up close to the ballons while they were being inflated and lifted off the ground.  Enjoy these photos.....I am still not good with night photography thus the shaky photos.  I tried to upload some videos......but my attempt failed :( booohoooo!!!

Oooohhhh to add on.....I lost my lens cover cap :(  Lucky it was just a lens cap....have yet to replace it.  Wonders why am I taking my own sweet time lalalalalala........

The carnival.

The coupon prices & the very long queue for the rides @_@

More rides.

Food stalls....

No briyani kambing for us to buy :(  so, we brought our own muchies....hehehez.

Live music by the 'Big Girls'

Dancing nannas and dancing nannas got tired of dancing and so, they sat down ;)

Dancing Jannah......

Still at lying down position.

And so they rose.....

Orchestral glow.....

Shaky picture of Jannah among the crowds....she had to find a spot so she can see the balloons.  I cant keep on carrying her.  Tired hands.......

Boom Boom Pow.....TTFN ;)


Yat Maria said...

Waaaa I suka that boom boom pow itew! and that pic of Jannah..memula I ingat she was balancing that roll on her fingers while dancing..hahaha..sekali bukan's the other boy yg holding that roll!!hahaahha..errr..since u r the camerawoman, tak der chan la nak intai2 gambar you..was soooo looking forward..gambar sipi or yg diblur2kan sikit of you tak da ka babe?

loved those glow2 stuff, next time I nak cari glow in the dark tudung plak..ahakss!!

Anie said...


Tu arh....the photo of her dancing to me mcm dia tgh nak rampas that boy's tube thingy kan hehehez. I takde dlm gambar lah....kalau ada pun nanti malu nak tunjuk muka dan size badan ahakkksss :pp Nanti lah I amik gambar I jarak dlm 1km jauh jadi u bole tgk my silhouette eh kekekekez.

Tudung glow in the dark takpe babe. Jgn baju Ramlah Ram yg ada lampu lap lip shaped like a heart eh!! ROFL!!!!!