Monday, April 16, 2012

Mee Rebus

Salam to all,

Last Friday I had a chat with my bestie in Singapore via Skype.  A week before she was hospitalised due to pneumonia.  She has recovered but was still on hospitalisation leave until today.  She told me how the hospital food sucks hehehez.  She was served plain porridge with tasteless dishes for lunch and dinner.  For breakfast, she had quaker oats.  What do u expect bestie??  You were on diabetic diet weren't you ;)  Story goes that she ordered mee rebus on her last day, before she checked out and described to me how wonderful and yummilicious the mee rebus was.....hmmmzzz.

It was almost bed time when I finished skyping with her and I was tossing and turning in bed thinking of mee rebus hehehez.  I've never cooked mee rebus before but it certainly was one of my favourite street delicacies back home ;) yummz yummz.  Since I cant sleep....I googled for recipes and chose this one since my pantry was running low and it needed to be stuffed with groceries badly.  I havent had the chance to do groceries bcos hb needed the car for work :(

Woke up the next morning....not really early around 8am hehehez.  Was still thinking if I should start my mee rebus project.  The morning is getting cold nowadays making it a tiny little bit hard to get out of bed.  When Jannah jumps in the bed with me and I asked her if she wanted mee rebus....she quickly answered YES!!  I had no choice but to satisfy my cravings hehehehez.  It was really worth it......this recipe is certainly a keeper.

Source : CMG @ Tiffibiru
Adapted From : Chef Wan's Cook Book.

1 kg mee kuning
150 g taugeh, buang ekor
2 keping tauhu, goreng terendam, hiris nipis
2 biji cili hijau, hiris
1 biji cili merah, hiris
1 pokok daun sup, hiris
1 pokok daun bawang, hiris
4- 5 biji telur rebus, kupas dan belah 2
6 biji limau kasturi, belah 2
Bawang goreng secukupnya
Kuah mee rebus*

Yellow Noodles
Mung Bean Sprout
Hard Tofu - Deep Fried & Sliced
Green Chillies
Red Chillies
Chinese Celery
Spring Onions
Hard Boiled Eggs
Calamansi Limes (I used limes can’t find calamansi here)
Fried Shallots
Mee Rebus Gravy*
(I didn’t specify quantity here…’s really up to u ;)

1/4 cawan minyak masak
2 camca besar rempah kari daging
2 1/2 camca besar tauco, tumbuk lumat
500 g daging lembu (sedap yang ada lemak sikit)
5 - 6 cawan air
500 g keledek
1 cm lengkuas, dititik
1/3 cawan kacang tanah, goreng tanpa minyak dan kisar halus
1 biji tomato, belah 4
7 biji bawang merah kecil*
3 ulas bawang putih*
1 cm halia*(*tumbuk halus)
Garam dan gula secukup rasa

¼ Cup Canola Oil
2 tblsp Meat Curry Powder
2 ½ tblsp Fermented Soya Beans* (I washed & drained them)
500gm Beef
5-6 Cups Water
500gm Sweet Potatoes (I only had a 350gm sweet potato and added potatoes to make up to 500gm)*
1cm Galangal - Bruised (I substituted with 1 lemon grass)
1/3 Cup dry roasted peanuts (I substituted with roasted cashews)*
1 Tomato - Cut into four (I did not add)
7 Shallots (I used 2 medium brown onions)*
3 Cloves Garlic*
1 cm Ginger*
Salt & Sugar To Taste
1 Ikan Bilis Cube - I added.

Easy peasy fried specific measurements though.  Cumin, coriander, chilli, turmeric (all in powder form),  finely chopped garlic, salt, pepper and ground rice flour.  Deep fried in hot canola oil. 

Daging dihiris nipis dan rebus hingga lembut (kalau guna daging batang pinang tak perlu rebus dulu). Keledek direbus hingga lembut dan kisar halus. Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan tumbuk halus hingga harum, tambah taucho dan rempah kari, kacau rata. Tambah sedikit air jika perlu. Masukkan daging (kalau daging rebus, masukkan sekali air rebusannya), air, keledek dan lengkuas. Masak perlahan selama 20 minit. Tambah kacang tanah kisar dan tomato, perasakan dengan garam dan gula. Masak hingga kuah pekat. (selalunya kuah mee rebus perlu manis sedikit).
Celur mee dan taugeh mengikut kuantiti yang diperlukan. Letak dalam bekas sesuai. Kacau kuah dan tuang atas mee. Letak telur rebus dan taburkan cili hijau/merah, tauhu, hirisan daun sup/daun bawang, bawang goreng dan diakhiri dengan perahan jus limau kasturi. Hidangkan segera.

Method : (I did my way instead)
Slice beef thinly and boil until tender.  Do not discard the beef stock.
Boil sweet potatoes/potatoes until tender.
Blend all the (*) ingredients until fine.
Heat oil in a pot.
Fry all the blended ingredients, curry powder until fragrant.
Add beef, beef stock, water, lemon grass and ikan bilis cube.
Simmer on low heat for abt 20 mins to thicken the gravy.
Season with salt & sugar.

To Assemble Mee Rebus :
Blanch yellow noodles & mung bean sprouts in hot water for 30 secs.
Place noodles and bean sprouts in a bowl.
Pour the gravy on top of the noodles and bean sprouts.  Garnish with chillies, eggs, chinese celery, spring onions and shallots.  A squeezed of lime and its ready to be served immediately ;)

I completed my mee rebus with bagedil & fried chicken!!  PBG!!  The chillies were freshly harvested from the garden and they were so crunchy.  Burrrpppsss.....excuse me, alhamdullilah hehehehez.  Have a great week u all.......TTFN ;)  


Ribbon Clown said...

droolingg.. you make me wanna go out and tapau semangkuk mee rebus! :p

somuffins said...

Your mee rebus tersangatlah meriah dan muai. Semangkok berapa duit NZ you nak jual??

Semalam I buat sikit mee bandong just for my doter. Mee rebus mmg all time fav. tapi your hb suka mee rebus tak??

Anie said...


My all time fav mee rebus is at Tanglin Halt hawker centre. Tapi kalau beli dkt Qiji boleh add chix wings....yummmzzz hehehez

Anie said...

My mee rebus...mee is less than segengam. Taugeh, bwg goreng & kuah mesti lebih. Mesti complete with bagedil & ayam & kalau boleh paru goreng. Tamak kan.....

I tak mau jual arh...priceless tau mee rebus ni hehehez. U kalau dtg I buat buffet utk u. Tak payah kasi NZD ;)

Mee bandung I tak pernah makan. Tak tau kenapa...tapi pernah nampak many2 kali. Lupa nak citer dkt atas yg my hb tak makan mee rebus. The only noodles yg dia makan adalah mee kuning yg digoreng pedas2 giler and indo mie goreng ;)

Gee® said...

wow...mengancamnya mee rebus tu... baru semalam k.gee mkn mee rebus tulang di JB...tersangaaaaaat lah sedapnya...

Leezas touch said...

Salam to u...
Ehmmmm...Ur mee rebus looks so devilious!!

Anie said...

Kak Gee,

Tenkiu kak ;) Waahhh mee rebus tulang tu lagi lumayan. I blom pernah makan....tgk jer gambar2 kawan dkt facebook.

Anie said...

Leezas touch,

Wsalam kak ;) Tenkiu for the kind compliments.....

Rima said...

teringat last weekend.. i bought mee rebus fm that problematic makcik yg jual kat adam road.. dah lah muka masam.. nak mintak extra bagedil pun boleh takut kena marah hahaha

Anyway mula mula tu i dah order soto ayam.. dah tu ternampak kuah mee rebus ade lagi.. so i pi order mee rebus cos dari kat europe sampai lah kini ku belum dapat lagi makan mee rebus.. dah tu bila balik ku hampa belaka... tak tahu lah apasal this time round itew udang geragau dia byk.. nak mun*** pun ade.. nak tak nak cik tong kenyang.. ishh

This household yg fav mee rebus adalah beta.. if i masak mee soto sampai kering kuah tu dibuatnya.. boleh makan tambah tambah.. if mee rebus .. no laku sangat..

Anie said...


That Adam Rd makcik is still around? Whooaa I used to be her regular customer bila I keje dkt Serene Ctr dolu2. Muka dia mmg macam gitu. Tapi bila u start a convo with her, she's a very nice lady. I luv her bubur ayam & bagedil yg besar. Bila u dah kenal dia....mintak sambal kicap extra, pun dia kasi. Sampai dia bungkus seperate the sambal for me hehehez.

I didnt know she's still ard. I went to Adam Rd after renovation skali aja....tak nampak dia and the mamak mee goreng pujaan hati I stop going there.

My hb mee yg sup/berkuah dia mmg tak makan. Only me and Jannah aja yg suka....slurrpsss slurrps :ppp