Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apam Polka Dot

Salam all,

Yesterday I was at the supermarket doing my usual fortnightly groceries shopping ~ what else can anyone be doing at a supermarket aye?? hehehez.....I chanced upon a pot steamer for only $4 and so I grabbed it.  Its not the whole steamer thingy but its the one like a saucepan with holes in it.  Hmmmzzz how do I explain it hehehez.  Just imagine it lah huh.  Oh well $4 for a 16cm steamer and it fits nicely in my 20cm saucepan I was stoked ;)  Its nothing big but I was able to put a few of the red little cups to steam these little beauties in the steamer.  Yeay.....I can make more kuihs now.

Saw these apams at Yat's yesterday and I thought I should give them a try.  These apams were so popular at one stage that u can see them popping up at almost all the food blog except here of course hehehez.  First it was only designed with polka dots.  Then some creative people start to have a makeover for the apam....from ladybugs to bumble bees to mushrooms to strawberries.  Now u can see them decorated like angry birds and even facebook, twitter, apple and many more logos.  Really envy those people with those kinda skills.

When I whipped up the batter, I was a little skeptical at the amount of the batter produced.  I thought that it was kinda a lot and will take me ages to finish making these apams.  I was glad that it actually didnt take me very long to make them.  After making the first few, I started to enjoy making them ahakkkss. The only downside of making them colorful is doing the dishes....haiizzzz.   Oh well, I did enjoy making them and Jannah enjoyed eating them of course.  She kept on saying she wanted the pink ones and the ladybugs only........hhhmmmzzzz.

Source : Yat @ Easybakes
3 cold eggs
275 gm all purpose flour
200gm castor sugar
150ml fresh milk
3 tspn baking powder
1 tspn ovallete
Filling of your choice ~ I used nutella
Colour of your choice

Mix all ingredients (except food colouring) & filling in an electric mixer & mix well for 6-8 minutes.
Divide batter into portions with additions of food colourings of your choice.
Put them in separate piping bag.
Arrange papercups in cup holders & heat up steamer.
Pipe in batter into paper cups fill in with filling of your choice & cover it with batter.
You can either dot the top of the batter or marble them up ~ your choice
Steam in preheated steamer on low heat for about 10-15 mins until done.

Definitely heaps for us to share ;) Nobody has to lick the papers LOL!!  TTFN........


Yat Maria said...


ku tak der chan nak ronda siang2 pat balik jer ada menda nak kena buat, tapi ai take a break, bloghop jap..hehe..sekali u..ternampak tu apam dot dot kat umah yg terus ai datang..takut later tak sempat plak nak comment coz ai terbongkang kat dapur..muahhaha..

eh...apam ni ngan apam at my place, jauh beza arr..u punya comel2 belaka, ai punya size gajah..harus sopan santun makan menda2 comei like punya, dia orang pakai balun jer, tu yg cepat sgt habis!

and u're right abt the dishes..makin banyak colour, lagi la u harus mencuci tu mangkok2 beraneka kaler.kalo ai pong wajib terlonjak2 dapat steamer pot for 4 bucks..err..the black colour tu u pakai warna apa babe? is it the gel type? coz the liquid one, tak pernah plak nampak kaler black.

Anie said...


Kesian u....keje, balik rumah kena buat keje jugak. At least u took a break. Mmg bagus utk kesihatan....hehehez. Take a break kalau penat kalau tak nanti sakit and cfm breakdown punya. Take it easy ok babe.....

My apam I buat size kanak2 riang hahahaz. Sbb I cuma ada cup size mcm tu jer yg boleh buat steamer $4 I. Actually dah walk away....ingat tak nak beli. Lepas tu pikir2 alahhhh $4 kalau tak beli nanti menyesal lah pulak. So...beli jer lah.

The black colour tu I pakai yg liquid. Kena add lebih sikit....sbb mula2 add dia jadi mcm purplish. Lepas tu add lagi nampak mcm grey lepas tu add lagi kacau2 lama sikit baru lah nampak hitam2 si tampok manggis ahakkkssss ;)

Anie said...

*muat* bukan buat

I used black food colouring yg liquid babe ;)

Ribbon Clown said...

One word: CUTE!! Nak buat lah for my son..

somuffins said...

Dapur semua orang dah tunjuk APDot except mine mmg tak nampak bayang APD nih. Tadi siang I singgah petrok kiosk, nampak ada jual apam nih kat situ tapi lum terkesima lagi.

Niway, I nak satu ladybird pls.. mekasih :-)

Anie said...


Your son gonna luv it....buat yg angry bird punya eh ;) hehehez.

Anie said...


Pi ler motivate anak dara u suruh dia buat this APD ;) Mcm mother and daughter project gitu....both of u gonna have fun cik som hehehez.

Yg ladybird eh....tu u nak kena rampas drpd Jannah lah. Yg kaler lain drpd pink I boleh share....

Rima said...

Ai yo Anie! Byk cute! I think Sonia wud love it too if I buat itew ladybug.. Last time I did only dot dot .. Sonia dah happy macam cockroach! HAhaha

Anie said...


Tenkiu many2 ;) I buat itew ladybug abt 8pcs aja lepas tu I gave up. Kecundang sbb some were distorted and some mata kerror hahahahaz.

Sonia gonna luv these I am sure. U buat yg angry birds lah.....mcm yg I suruh RC buat :)

Rima said...

dia tak suka angry bird lah.. nanti if dia suruh i lukis Ariel macam mana?? ish tak kuasa mak.. lagi mulia melapis kek dari kena cuci byk mangkuk hahaha

Anie said...


Alamak Ariel....buat satu jer lah hehehez. I tak boleh, tangan very keras. Mmg betul I setuju part2 yg kena cuci pinggan mangkok!! Keje rumah yg tak best apart from ironing hmmmzzz......

kavis said...

Hi Anie,
First time here...I'm really longing to make these apam polka dot but there isn't any ovallete in UK..wondering where to buy...Any suggestion..

Anie said...

Hi Kavis,

Thank you for dropping by here ;)

I bought my ovalette from Singapore when I went back the last yr. Got some friends to bring 1 or 2 containers the yr before and they last a long way.

It's also known as sponge cake emulsifier or quick75 but I am not sure if the ingredients will be halal or not. Before I had ovalette, I was told that u can substitute the with egg yolk....but I am not sure of quantity. I will try to find out for u Kavis ;)