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Salam, Kia Ora...

First of all, congrats to NZ sevens rugby union team for winning the Wellington sevens rugby tournament and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all that are celebrating Chinese New Year, ushering the blessed year of the rabbit ;) Huat arh!!!

Its exactly a week that I last posted an entry.  Sorry for being away again.  Hb had another short break from work for 5 days.  Had a few ups and downs moments while he was on his break.  More ups than downs though ahakkksss....alls well, ends well ;) Alhamdullilah.

I suffered from an eye infection for the past 3 days.  First the right eye was swollen then the left one got infected.  Both eyes were half opened or half closed was it?? Hahahaz.  My vision were obstructed by the swollen lids and both eyes kept on producing yucky discharge!!  All I wanted to do while I was suffering from the swollen eyes was slepppzzzZZZzz.  Urrggghh....I don't know how I got them infected but both eyes are ok now, the swelling has gone down but they are still a little puffy.

Anyway, we played 10 pin bowling last Wednesday.  It was hb's first time playing 10 pin and he did well with a few strikes and spares ;)  Not bad for a first timer as he won the 1st game and got frustrated when I started over taking him on the 2nd.  He said I was hustling him during the 1st game, letting him win and showed my true colours on the 2nd game.  Hmmmmzzz all I can say is that he's just being a true blue sore loser kiwi (don't tell him I said this ok, otherwise he's gonna get upset with me....ahakkksss) :pppp

For those that missed me...enjoy these few pictures ;)  Hope to catch up again tomorrow, insyaAllah....

The Bowlevard - Hamilton SkyCity

Our pathetic score ^_^ and who the h*ll is Amie??  Those ppl spelled my name wrongly......

Love these money eating machines....ahakkksss :D

View of Waikato River from the bowling alley.

Jannah wanted to ride on this out of order horsie. 

Her hair was trimmed when she was 7 months old, she had her fringe cut by the hairdresser a few times and butchered by me a few times and she cut some of her once herself @_@.  I couldn't be bothered to have her fringe cut anymore, just gonna keep them long...

Going off to bed now...nitezz everyone.

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;) 


Nieza said...

assalam Anie, miss u!...ahaks!alahai siannya sakit mata pulak yer...harap cepat baik yer..:)

Mas said...

salam anie...
oooo..jejalan yer...bestnya....

somuffins said...

Hi Anie
I baru nak mengepo siapa Amie tu, hehe.

Amacam with the bowling game? You ada menang ka? Masa I main hari tu, I scored a sore 62 marks jer. Mmg tak pernah main sebelum tu.

P/S: Apsal hot n fuming? kih3... sabaq no?

kasihredha said...

harap mata anie dah sembuh..
cantiknya permandangan tu..

Anonymous said...

bowling with a view...i guess the closest we've got is that marina one. tu pun dah tutup. i feel cooked up here with no real open spaces.

Anie said...

W'salam Nieza,

I mizz u too lah babe ;) Alhamdullilah sakit mata dah baik...

Anie said...

Salam Mas,

Mmmm mmg best sesekali dpt pegi JJCM ;)

Anie said...


Amie itu adalah kekasih gelap suamiku ahakkksss :D

Wahhh u kira terror lah Cik Som tak pernah main bowling dpt 62 points. My 1st game I also got 62 points...kalah dgn hb. 2nd game baru I menang...I dpt 102 points weiiii XD

Alhamdullilah dah tak naik angin cuma panas jer sbb cuaca dkt sini mmg hot and fuming ahaakkkks :D

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Tenkiu ;) and alhamdullilah mata dah sembuh kak....

Anie said...


Marina punya bowling alley sejuk giler brrr....itu dulu sekarang I dunno lah mcm mana hehehez XD

I used to play bowling dkt queenstown bowl during my school days. Time tu kena kira points secara manual....skarang that place dah deserted tak tau lah mahkluk aper yg inhabit that place....eeiiiiwww takot XD

Rima said...

Eh eh Anie.. kita dah lama tak main bowling.. tak de kaki lah.. dulu waktu jadi minah motor memang tiap minggu also go bowling.. mesti yg kat orchard one hehe.. sekarang dah tak de dah.. tak tahu apasal susah nak cari tempat bowling.. last week i go to the kallang bowl and not as crowded as dulu dulu..

Hope u get better soon.. if mata bengkak how to look at the digital scale if nak bake hehe

Anie said...


Oh my goshhhh....I also last time minah motor ahakkkss :D :D I lepaks more dkt konsert rock melayu rather than main bowling every weekend.

Orchard bowl dah takde lagi ke? I pun tak ingat. I know dkt Jurong Entertainment ada. When I was young, I ada pegi Kallang bowl a lot of time bcos my late father joined bowling tournament for his company. Orang2 sekarang mana nak main bowling lagi...dorang dok menatap bowling on xbox kinect or wII hahahhaz. Save $$$

Alhamdullilah mata dah ok, dah boleh gi teropong orang mandi weeeiiiiii bestnya :D :D