Thursday, February 17, 2011

Peanut Brownies

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Salam, Kia Ora...

I finally got to do groceries shopping today without hb....yippiee dah doo.  Of course there are pros and cons with him around.  The pros are : we get to go home early and he's able to help handle Jannah.  The cons are : I can't browse the supermarket shelves or chiller section from one end to another and from top to bottom...hehehez.  I also have to drive him around to second hand bookshops bcos he likes to scout for old rugby books. 

I volunteered to drive whenever we are in town bcos I can't stand his constant whinging abt the other road users, the traffic lights as well as the parking spaces....hehehez.  I rather have an aching leg from constantly changing the clutch rather than an aching ear from his whinging and whining....ooopppssssiieee daisiiee :D  After running around to do some errands with Jannah today, and filling a car load of groceries for 2 weeks, I am knackered.  Getting old lah or maybe what hb said is true, I am UNFIT....hahahaz my left leg is sore. :D :D 

Anyway, hb requested me to make him these peanut brownies.  When I heard the word brownies I assumed that its the brownies that you and I know (u know that dense cake thingy...hehehez) but this peanut brownie is a kiwi thingy, its in cookie form.  He is crazy abt these cookies and warned me not to make them small and cute...he wants them as big as possible.  Ai ai captain!!  Since I've never make them before, I googled the recipe and stumbled on this one.  He ate the first cookie and said that it reminded him of his childhood......jeeezzzz so nostalgic aye :D

Source : Chelsea Sugar


125g Softened Butter
1 cup of Chelsea White Sugar (Chelsea is a brand of sugar here, just use any white sugar brand that you normally use)

1 1/2 cups of Flour
1 teaspoon of Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
2 Tablespoons of Cocoa
1 cup of Peanuts, roasted and husked

Prehet oven to 180°C. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add egg and beat well. Sift flour, baking powder, salt and cocoa together. Mix into creamed mixture. Add cold peanuts and mix well. Roll tablespoonfuls of mixture into balls. Place on greased trays, flatten with a fork.
Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes, or until cooked. Makes 20 biscuits.


The cookies on the right, without the fork markings are mine.  I baked them 5 minutes longer and they are crunchier.

NitezzZZzz everyone.

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


Mas said...

anie,dah satu pagi pun sempat n3 kan brownies yg sedapp tu...
kasi la mas sebalang..boleh buat bekpes pagi esok..he..he..

Anie said...

Tu arh Mas, tadi nak tido skali termakan snek...hehehez. Lepas mkn tk boleh tido. Nanti makin bam buat lah entry...:D :D
Tapi dah tinggal 1/2 balang ajer ni...mcm mana nak kasi Mas 1 balang hahahhaz.

Anonymous said...

'real' brownies me no loike. this kind, gimme 1 balang. make that 2 if sebesar itu.

Yat Maria said...


peminat sayap kiri kanan ai nampak ni cookies & cakap..this is what i called real cookies..haha..sebab apa taw..dia besar2 complete ngan peanuts..hehe..selalu ai wat kan size s, so size gini member suka plak..abeh tu..cakap lagik asal ai dah lama tak wat cookies la, jello la..tapi bila ai wat kek, abis plak dia bedal..hahah

zarin said...

owh! gini rupanya brownie depa ye! jakun kejap ekekee...
ok nite nite u...hasya dah bising ajak i tidur jugak :D


wah! rajinnyer Anie buat Peanut Brownies... ita pun teringin jugak nak buat tapi bila lah agaknyer...

kasihredha said...

kirim bau pun tak pe :)

Kak Rose said...

cantiknya cookies.. ehhh brownies.. rasa nak amik n ngap jer!

somuffins said...

Normally Australians like their cookies bigger than the size of normal cookies. Kisahnya orang NZ pun suka saiz cookies yg macam tu.

Takde chance jalan2 n pusing2 kat chiller eh?? hehe.. I've done my window shopping smlm at Cold S.

Anie said...


U also like this kinda huge cookies hehehez...kalau u dkt jgn ckp 2 balang, 2 container kapal pun boleh ahakkksss :D :D

Anie said...


Bila I tgh adun the dough, it was overwhelmed with peanuts seh. Ada yg tak melekat, takut juga dough abis dah gitu tinggal kacang...hahahaz. So, I lekatkan more kacang than dough pasal tu lah nampak peanuts many2. My hb ckp mak dia buat lagi besar whoa drpd ni...makkk aiii nak pengsan I LOL!!! sbb I also like u babe, suka buat cookies yg kiut2.

Arrhhh btw dimanakah jello u?? Dah lama tak nampak, I agree with ur 2 sayaps :D

Anie said...


Brownie biasa mmg looks like brownie but peanut brownies will look like these...hahahaz. U tak jakun cuma I jer hairan kenapa tak dinamakan peanut brownies cookies...hehehez.

Best tak tidur peluk2 Hasya? I suka kacau2 Jannah while she's asleep :pppp

Anie said...


Haiizz rajin tu tidak sgt lah...hehehez dah berbulan my hb suruh buat benda ni, baru lah dpt serunya :D Senang jer buat and bahan2 tak byk, anytime u boleh buat Ita.....

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Boleh, boleh nanti I kirim sealed with a kiss ok....muaahhhhh ;)

Anie said...

Kak Rose,

Tu arh kak, confusing kan org2 dkt sini...patut panggil peanut brownies cookies eh kak :D

Anie said...


My hb ckp my biskut2 and raya semuanya kecik2, Asian size...hahahaz dia kata tak puas mkn. Dia ckp ada mak dia kalau buat cookies ni besar almost the size of a saucer...makkk aiii :D :D

Tak, tak, semalam I dpt pegi bersuka ria, dpt pusing2 dkt chiller. Bahaggiiiiiaaaaa :pppp

mrs plain-june said...

anie.. yr hb tak bising ke masa u drive? my dad pulak tak kira dia yg drive or other ppl.. mmg dia sound je. adeh.. bingit le jugak :p
btw, the "brownies" nampak kecik mcm biskut raya kita.. ke ilusi optik i je nih? hehe..

Anie said...


I dah bilang ngan my hb biler I drive dia tak dibenarkan comment yg bukan2, unless its gonna cause an accident dan akan membahyakan kita semua dan juga kalau kita sama2 agree that there is an idiot on the road....hahahaz :D

Besar arh...u tgk biler dia rest atas the rack, almost occupying 3 of the horizontal jaring. Kalau kuih raya 1.5 jaring ajer...hehehez