Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A series of unfortunate events.....

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Salam, Kia Ora to all my beloved blogger friends ;)

Sorry I've been away again....this time for a very long time and even worse I don't even have a chance to reply to all the comments and shout out...haizzzz.  Thank you all for the care and concern, I haven't forgotten anyone *smiles*.  Really miss u guys loads and miss putting up entries in this blog too.

What happened to me?  Why haven't I been blogging and or blog walked all this while?  Just like the title said I've met with a few series of unfortunate events :(  Nothing big like what is happening in Japan right now.  Haiizzz I really sympathise with all in Japan who are facing 4 different disasters in a mere 3 days.  May Allah bless us always....amin.

My last entry was dated 22nd February, the 3 of us were sick for almost 1.5 weeks.  I had to take Jannah to the doctor bcos she had very high fever.  I really hate the medical centre in Te Awamutu bcos its always full and we cant just walk in as there's always no doctors available haiizzz.  I've made up my decision to re register with our old GP.  The trip is abt 45 mins from where we are but at least we get attended by him.  Due to there wasn't any doctor available in Te Awamutu, I had to take Jannah to see a doctor in Hamilton's medical centre.  I wasn't feeling too good myself on that day.  Was coughing as if I was a TB sufferer.  I got everything prepared in the car in case Jannah was to throw up.  In the end it was me who threw up while driving....ish ish.  I had to pull over and clean up as there's vomit on my lap....yuckksss.  Jannah was even commenting "Mama berak eh??  Busuk lah"  duh mulut tersangatlah laser.  How can I berak in a car....hahahahaz :D :D

Then, there was cable upgrading by our broadband provider.  That's what happened when u live in a mountainous region.  For almost a week, we can only surf the internet with dial up speed.  It was the slowest dial up speed that I've ever encountered.  Imagine me trying to load the blog page while we were on 'turtle' speed....unbelievable!!!  I gave up!!!  Arggghhh!!!  Boy am I glad to be surfing on broadband speed again. 

Lastly my beloved camera is out of action......I cant put up photos anymore :(  I tried to go on the camerarepair.blogspot to fix my camera but it was to no avail.  I simply cant repair it at all.  I am really at hb's mercy to buy me a new one.  I hope he's gonna pocket out some money soon for me.....hehehez.  Not asking for a dslr, just something cheap that can snap quality photos and I'll be a happy freak.  He even said that my camera was my life....wahahahaz.  Whatca waiting for then hb?  Shall we shop for one tomorrow??  Weeeiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Ohhh before I go, there's one gd news to be shared.  Finally, we upgraded our car....yeay!!  No more driving a manual for me.  Before we bought our old car, I was the one who told hb I wanted a manual, he totally agreed with me :p  I got sick of driving manual cos it really can get tiring u see.  Thank God hb agreed to buy an auto.  He hates driving auto though.....hehehez.  He said that the mechanical cost will be higher to repair an auto.  Btw we bought a 7 seater MPV.  I know that there's only 3 of us and buying a 7 seater is selfish towards the environment but....It's just more comfy I reckon.  Its also good for when my family comes and visits us again.  They will definitely be more comfy in an MPV rather than a sedan.  *hint* *hint*  When are u guys coming again??  Hehehehez.....

Buying the new car leaves us with nothing to splurge on a new camera...Boooo.   Maybe I should create a donation box...hahahaz.  Otherwise, I supposed I have to wait for awhile.  Haizzz, for now only us can feast our eyes on my bakes and cooking.  I'll probably will be back once in awhile to share my ramblings with u guys.

Once again thank you for taking ur time to pop by my humble blog.  Really appreciate the care and concern.  Toodddllleeessss and take care everyone ;)

PS : 1st of March was officially autumn in NZ.  2 more months to go and we will be experiencing freezing winter.....BBBbbbrrrrrr.

It could be bcos of a 'sticky' shutter.  The pictures are over exposed when I take photos during day time.

But appears fine when I take photos in a dark room :( sob sob

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


Yat Maria said...


At last!!!!!! u;re back!!! sgtlah risau nyer u tak muncul2..I knew u were sick, tak taw plak sampai tervomit2..ishish...sian nyer u!!!

sgtlah rindu dendam taw babe...dah beli MPV, bulelah bawak ai rambu2 ya kalo ai terpelanting kat sana..mana la taw kan..dude murah hati ker nak blanja ai ke..hehe..

tak der pic takpa babe, but hapdate often taw..kalo tak, we all sini sumer tertunggu2 arrr... :)

Nieza said...

assalam anie, wahh dh muncul...welcome back!...miss u laling...sedih ada, simpati dan kelakar pun ada masa baca story u ni...patutlah menyepikan diri sekian lama...dah terjwb dh semua persoalannya...btw take care yer..dh nk autumn dh yer kat sana kat sini lak tunggu masa nk spring ni.

Hann said...

oh babe..
alhamdulillah masih ada news dari u..
baru tadi.. bukan tadi je.. asik jenguk blog u tadak update pon..

apa2 pun, take care.. kalau dapat dslr jangan lupa kengkawan yang pakai kamera cokia nih..

congrats dah bawak auto

kasihredha said...

miss you ...really!
harap semuanya dah kembali sihat spt biasa ye...

hani said...

hai kak Anie,
miss your new N3 coming up...harap2 apa yg di hajatkan itu dapat...nak tanya, ada ke cheap2 camera snap quality image???? hahahhaaa...wink wink

zarin said...

hi babe!
welcome back! glad to hear that everyone is fine
hehehe we all pun plan nk upgrade to suv 7 seater tapikan mcm u kata jst 3 of us..itu yg buat pikir lagi n lagi :D
tp i pun nk comfy comfy gak dlm keta :D
owh! i pray for u nanti ur hb belikan camera baru hahaha

Anie said...


Babe, I dah lost my blogging momentum arh. Camner ni adakah dlm bahasa kasar ianya bermaksud MALAS hahahaz :D

Anyway, tenkiu for ur care concern babe. I tak masok blog mcm nak pecah otak hari2 perah sbb pikir nak masak apa hehehez.

No problem babe, kalau u dtg sini confirm arh I jadi ur host. Bwk u JJCM dkt ni NZ yg susah dan mahal bab2 mkn dkt luar. Kita korban jer lah sekor kambing and mkn ramai2 ahakkksssss ^_^

Anie said...


Tenkiu sbb masih sudi menjelma dkt my blog walaupun I menghilang :D ahakksss I miss u too lah. Lama dah tak jalan2 dkt ur rumah. Nanti jap lagi I singgah eh...hehehez.

Tu arh tapi kita sejuk dkt sini tak mcm dkt Finland sampai minus berpuluh degrees, alhamdullilah nasib baik ;) U take care too babe......

Anie said...


Babe...miss u too lah. Semua org punya rumah dah lama I tak singgah....huhuhu. Nak kena buat homework arh, baca all the back log :D

Takde kemampuan lah nak bli dslr, mungkin boleh beli camera cap kipas aja lah hahahahaz

Anie said...

Kak Kasih......I miss u too lah kak. Japs lagi nak pegi jln2 cuci mata tgk gambar2 akak yg cantik menawan...I like ;)

Tenkiu for the wishes kak and tenkiu sbb masih sudi singgah my blog yg dah bersawang ni.

Anie said...


Takde kemampuan lah nak beli dslr. Ingat nak buat bisnes mcm Hani...hehehez tapi takut roti akak tak laku plak nanti.

Cheap2 camera tu yg compact digital camera jer lah....jadi lah tu. Asal boleh point and shoot and kluar gambar. Drpd skarang takde gambar langsung :( huhuhu

Anie said...


Tenkiu baybeh...miss u many2 arh ;)

Aper lagi upgrade lah to 7 seater babe...hehehez. I think its a practical car for a family of 3-4 sbb its more roomy and boleh convert to a van biler u wanna buy bulky things. Cuma harga petrol skarang dah $2.229 :( duh top up $40 tadi cuma 1/2 tank aja...*gulps*

InsyaAllah babe, I mintak camera cap kipas aja...pun mcm susah aja nampaknya ni...hehehehez :D

Maya Marisa said...

anie dear,
long time no hear. rindu tak dengar celoteh you & drooling over ur bakes.
quick, get back ur mojo...
re camera - u nak tau satu secret babe? pics in my blog tu semuanyer taken frm camera phone...hehehee

somuffins said...

Anie ohhh Anie

I hope everything is OK over there ...

mrs plain-june said...

glad to read updates from you again :)
anie.. we're in the same boat.. kepingin dslr tapi fulus enggak ada. so, just make do with camera-phone. well.. at least ada la jugak (ayat sedapkan hati sendiri :p)

somuffins said...

I nak nyanyi lagu ikan kaloi tapi I tak reti. Remember the old Malay movie where Rosyatimah (if not mistaken) nyanyi just so to make the ikan kaloi appeared on the surface (so confident that the fish was her mother).

ma'chiks said...

Hi Annie, lama tak bersua, hope 3 of u all okays. juzz want a catch -up with u.

kasihredha said...

Lamanya tak dengar berita...
missss sgt2

Please contact me at haqyani@gmail.com said...

pls come back when you are ready :D take care!