Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kuih Kaswi

Salam everyone,

I haven't had any new entry the past 11 days sigghhhh :(  Been busy doing a very thorough spring cleaning at home.  Yes....the current season is spring~~ did I type spring??  Wrong season dah dey!!  I meant its autumn right now in New Zealand, soon winter will be here.  I had to junk out the master bedroom, clear all th cobwebs & whats not under the bed and rearrange hb's rugby collection.  We are replacing our bed and been out doing furniture shopping last week when hb had his 4 days off.  We had to hire a trailer, cost us $30 and took our old furniture and rubbish to the refuse station and had to pay $50 to dump the trailer load of rubbish.....haiiizz :(  So, appreciate the Bangla cleaners ok!!  U guys are lucky cos u just need to illegally dump your old furniture under the void decks and Mr Bangla will clear them for u at no fees at all.....pfffttt!!!  Work many, little, little >.<

Other than junking out the room, I took out all the winter duvets from storage, air them out and wash all the mink (faux cant afford the real mccoy :p) blankets and throws to prepare for winter.  I usually like to prepare the winter necessities during spring, before the fine weather packs up, otherwise it will be impossible to air them and dry them.  A day after I did all the hard work, the horrible (spring??) autumn weather finally hits us along with strong winds as well as floods in many parts of North Island pheeww.  Alhamdullilah we were not affected.  The weather has been playing up the whole day today.  We had heavy wind early hours in the morning, followed by a little sunshine in the morning....that's when I decided to hang out the washing.  Suddenly it was raining heavily in the afternoon.  At abt 2pm the sun was shining so brightly till abt 6pm.  Lucky me, experiencing all the 4 seasons in a day but am glad that I managed to get my washing dry ;)

After all that cleaning, I couldnt be bothered to do any baking at all as I was suffering from the constant acchhoooinggg.  Hb been asking when will I bake his favourite shortbread cookies again.  Yes AGAIN....hehehez.  I did bake the cookies for him but today I am going to post on kuih kaswi instead :ppp.  This is my first try at making them.  All this while I have been buying them from Bengawan Solo.  I am happy with the outcome of my kuih kaswi and was surprised that Jannah luvs them too.  I didnt even offer them to hb cos I know he wouldnt like them at all.  I popped these little beauties in the microwave.....I couldnt be bothered to steam them and I don't have a proper steamer anyway.  I tried putting 1 into the microwave first and from there adjusted the timing & the power percentage accordingly.  The first one that successfully came out of the microwave, I had it while it was still pipping hot with Jannah using a spoon.....hehehez yummy :ppp.  Thank you K1 for the luvly yet easy recipe.

Source : K1 @ Citarasawan
Translated by me, myself & I ;)

Ingredient A
1 1/2 cup gula merah or palm sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 pieces pandan leaves knotted
(Boiled together = 2 cups of sugar syrup)

Ingredient B
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
3 cups water
2 tblsp air kapur or lime stone paste (I did not add)

Ingredient C
Grated coconut sprinkled with a little bit of salt.
(I used dessicated coconut, add a little bit of water and salt and microwaved it 30sec on high)

Put all ingredients A into a saucepan.  Boil on medium heat and leave aside until sugar syrup is cooled.
Whisk together all ingredients B.
When sugar syrup cools, add into ingredients B and whisk until all are well incorporated.  Sieve the mixture and pour into a 9 inch tin that has been greased with cooking oil.
Cover with aluminium foil and steam for 30 mins.
Let the kuih cools down completely before cutting and serve with the grated coconut.

Note :  I made half of the recipe and I used the small red cups, usually used to make kuih lompang.  Oil the cups first before pouring the mixture. Popped 4 of them each time into the microwave on 50% for 2mins 45secs.

Left some without coconut for Jannah as she specifically told me she doesnt want any coconut on hers.  She ate 4 pieces at one go and I was surprised that she really luvs them.  I was enjoying mine and bit half of the kuih and Jannah came along and asked me to feed her the other half....heeez.  TTFN ;)


somuffins said...

Baru pagi tadi I makan sekeping kueh kaswi tapi I beli aje. I suka kaswi yang rona 'gelap', baru kaw..

Gitu rupanya you kena prepare sebelum another season sets in. Penat jugak ek tapi bestlah dpt merasa 4 seasons. I merasa season in the sun aje, hehe..

Yat Maria said...


ohhhhh i see.. berspring clean rhupanya..amboiii 11 hari sekali tak hapdate, sempat beli bedroom funiture baru ek? bule la pratice tgk 2 bulan nanti..kahkahkah..adakah...adakah...Jannah Jr on the way..mueheheheh..

eh..babe, ai tak digolongkan sebagai pembuang samapah haram taw..since I adalah prihatin terhadap member2 bangla kita, ai selalu call the town centre informing them of any bulky refuse..dia orang akan hantae mat bangla kat rumah to help remove the;s suppossedly free, tapi ai yg baik hati akan sediakan duit kopi & secawan kopi for the banglas..really..tak tipu..tapi ni a few years back la, now sejak my estate dibawah jagaan opposition party, tak taw la if that arrangement still exist ke tak.

Having said all that, I berkenan kuih koswi u too..can imagine kenyal2 dia gigit ngan campuran kelapa sgtla nyamannya..cuma sekarang kalo ai wat, harus untuk diri sendiri aja..ALL the boys punya citarasa dah berubah..when it comes to this kuih, they no longer wanna rasa...sedih ai..selalu yg tukang gasak adalah diri ai sendiri..abehhh bila dah muak & kembung koswi, akan akan hantar sepiring to my jiran yg tak tak rajin menjirus pokok ku lagi..hmmm..

Anie said...


I also like the dark coloured ones but heran kenapa my gula merah tidak seberapa gelap mcm org lain punya kuih kaswi huhuhu.

I like to prepare siang2 for winter sbb time autumn not spring salah season wahahahaz selalunya hujan jer :( takut duvet inner dgn blankets tak kering. Begitu lah kisahnya....nanti nak kena prepare baju2 utk winter jugak. Mmg penat ZZzzzz

Anie said...


Adeeehhh babe tercekik kuih kaswi I baca ur comment apa tu apa tu dua bulan?? Jannah Junior?? Wahahahahaz. Adddehhh blom plan apa2 tapi kalau ada rezeki jgn ditolak lah kan :pp Nak beli bunk bed aja. Tapi I tak boleh tido kat atas nanti katil roboh LOLZz!!

Waahh babe...u adalah seorang singaporean contoh!! Boleh masuk papers hehehez sbb tak buang sampah merata2. Masa I balik sg last yr. Ya Allah...boleh pengsan I tgk org buang bulk refuse merata2. Dkt dpn pintu gawang central rubbish padahal ada satu bin yg besar amat utk buang bulk refuse. Yang herannya hari2 penuh!! Kaya lah S'porean asik tukar furniture aja. Untung lah Mr Bangla kalau clearkan u punya rubbish. Boleh dorang pegi happy hour dkt kedai kopi hehehez.

Kuih kaswi ni I pun dah lama KIV. Takut buat jadi terbanyak and tak larat nak makan sorang2. I buat half jer, jadi ni dah tinggal 8 keping...entah berapa dah I dgn Jannah dah mkn tadi. Belen besok boleh buat breakfast yippppieee. Makcik2 kementot pun tak feveret ke?? Kalau tak boleh u share dgn dorang during the w/ends eh. Or u can tapau lah utk dorang to share with their mommy and daddy ;)

kasihredha said...

menarik le colour dia...
semuanya ada kat sana ye...daun pisang ...kelapa parut

PatinPasta said...

Have been your silent reader for a while, love looking at your yummy food spread :)

THANKS a lot for this entry as I've been planning to make kuih kaswi for a long time and having difficulties (grating coconuts, how to steam and etc). Will definitely do it your way.

Thanks again!

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Alhamdullilah dpt mkn kuih kaswi buatan sendiri ;)

Daun pisang tanam sendiri. Kalau tak frozen daun pisang pun ada jual dkt asian shop. Yg ini I used dessicated coconut.

Anie said...


Wsalam ;) Tenkiu sudi singgah sini and tenkiu for the kind compliments. I am a silent reader of ur blog too Aida.....

Bila 'steam' this kuih kaswi in the microwave, the top tak secantik kuih yg di steam. Menggerutu sikit the top....tapi dah cover dgn grated coconut who care kan. Yg penting it still taste yummilicious kan ahakkksss.

Psssstt.....I made putri salat aka serimuka using microwave too ;) InsyaAllah will share the recipe here one day.

zarin said...

wow! u microwave aje ye kaswi n serimuka! ish i ni kan fenakuts sgt when it comes to masak anything using the microwave..hahaha everytime i put something in microwave sure i'll run outside tau! takut melotup laaa..

Anie said... r u stranger? Happy nampak u kembali active di alam blog ahakkks ;)

Microwave is so user friendly....kenapa u nak takut hehehez. Beli the food cover kalau u takut meletup. I always use the cover bila panaskan makanan jadi microwave tak kotor bila food meletop2 >.< but do not put whole raw egg inside the microwave ok cfm boom boom pow!! LOL!!

Rima said...

u use microwave?? muahaha kira ok lah.. senang kerja sikit.. maybe i shud try lah.. kadang nak keluar kan kukusan pun malas but bila dah keluar kan.. segala manikam rasa nak buat.. semalam keluar kan kukusan.. buat apam snow white dah tu aleh aleh keluar kan si durian pulak.. konon nak buat putri salad durian and then kan bila ku pikir pikir that i hv to bake macs.. ku terus masuk kan balik si durian kat freezer hehe

Anie said...


Yup yup I used a microwave hehehez and the kuih mmg turns out like the real mccoy and senang tak payah cuci the kukus. The only downside....the top part of the kuih tak berapa cantik. Tapi dah make up dgn the coconut dah tak nampak pun :)

Mmmmm putri salat durian sounds yummyyy!!! I should buy some durian next groceries shopping :ppp