Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Talam Pisang Mini

Salam all,

I have deleted my opening sentence a few times hehehez cos I am having a mental block....dunno what to write here today.  Sometimes, I just couldnt be bothered to open up this little space of mine but sometimes I just want to update and update and update and blog walk every minute while at times I just feel bllleaargghh!!  It does feel great isnt it when u have friends saying how they enjoy reading your blog and enjoy looking at the photos too.  I really appreciate the kind compliments cos I know I am not a good writer nor a good photographer, am just an average person but these kind words makes me want to update my blog again ;)

So, here I am with my talam pisang entry.  First time ever in my life that I ever attempted to make talam pisang and I am really happy with the result....it really was a successful attempt.  Since I know that no one will like these talam except me, myself and I, I only made half of the recipe and got 26 pieces of these little beauties.  I had 6 pieces during iftar just now...yum yum.  Have already packed some away for them to be shared tomorrow.  As much as I luv them, I dont think I can finish all of them myself hehehez.

Might be away again maybe until after Eid cos I too have orders to fulfil....ehem ehem I have been a small time seasonal entrepreneur for the past 5 yrs here :ppp but will definitely update when I get sick of looking at the cookies that I will be making.  Got to start my production latest by this Thursday otherwise, I will not get them ready on time.  Wish me luck peeps ;)

Source : Kak Ummi @ Home Sweet Home
Recipe Adapted From: Chef Hanieliza @ Buku Aneka Talam dan Kuih Lapis

Bottom Layer:
3 Cups Thin Coconut Milk
1 Cup Mashed Banana
1 Cup Rice Flour
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Tblsp Custard Powder
A Pinch Of Salt
Yellow Food Colouring (I Added)

Top Layer :
3 Cups Thick Coconut Milk
1 Cup Rice Flour
1/2 Tsp Salt

Method :
Lightly oil the moulds.
Mix well all the ingredients for the bottom layer and pour into the moulds 3/4 full.
Steam the mixture for abt 10-15mins.

Mix well all the ingredients for the bottom layer.
Sieve the mixture into a pot.
By using low heat, heat the mixture until it produces a light steam and has thicken a little.
Turn off heat.
Once the bottom layer is cooked, use a fork and scrape the top.
Pour the bottom mixture into the moulds and steam it for another 10-15mins.

My pineapple filling that I made yesterday.  Have a great week ahead folks ;)  TTFN.......


Bakericious said...

Your photos looks nice, like your food styling too!

CS said...

I duk tunggu stork terbangkan 2-3 ketul kuih tu kesini tapi masih tak kunjung tiba.

Your pineapple filling looks gorgeous! Rajin betul warga Spura semua nih ek? Rima, Yat, you .. but I doubt Noir is as rajin, kih3.

Rima said...

kat sini kan hujan ajer.. sejuk sikit lah kan but kan punya lah lecak but itew semua boleh tolak tepi.. sesungguhnye tahun ini ku terover baju kurung.. selalu mood tak kuasa melanda part baju kurung.. beli one or two ok lah tu.. today only hari kedua.. dah 4 pasang ku borong.. sonia dah 3 pasang and my mom dah 2 pasang.. hahaha.. over kannn

Eh reading pasal orders ni.. alamak macam nak lari pun ade.. for now i dont want to think.. nanti balik baru ku tahu langit itew tinggi or rendah haha

Anie said...

Jess @ Bakericious

Hi Jess ;) Thank u for the kind compliments dear.....

Anie said...


Kalau stork bole terbangkan kuih kan best. I nak suruh dia terbang ke bazaar ramadan.

Setahun sekali jer I membanting tulang Cik Som. Tak mcm Kak Rima kita yg tersangat rajin tu hehehez.

Anie said...


Waaahhh bestnya baju kurung berpasang2 and paling best tak payah nak rempuh lautan manusia kat Geylang kan. I ngan Jannah this yr sorang dua pasang....satu pasang beli last yr dkt sg. Lagi satu beli online jer. My hb satu jer sbb dia kena keje.

Tu ahh I dah nak kena start enjine dah ni utk fulfil orders. I baru balik beli brg2 baking and groceries. For now....u enjoy jer dulu tak mau pikir pasal orders hehehez.

kasihredha said...

sesuai unk berbuka puasa ni anie.

Anie said...

Mmg betul Kak Kasih...dpt mkn utk 2 hari byk sgt quantitynya walaupun cuma buat half jer ;)