Monday, July 23, 2012

Apam Puteri Ayu

Salam everyone,

This morning, I got woken up by Jannah when she said.  "Mama tak bangun sahur....tak puasa ke?  Asal mama tak kejut Jannah arhh??"  The fact is I overslept and when I looked at the time it was abt 7.30am.  I wasnt feeling very well last night.  Was coughing and sneezing with blocked nose and went to bed early at abt 10pm without even setting my cell phone alarm ZZZzzzz.  Luckily before I went to bed last night I did recite the dua for keeping my fast otherwise I would have missed fasting today.  Made me a Lemsip Cold & Flu Max drink with honey after iftaar and I am feeling 100% now.  Alhamdullilah.

Even thou we didnt wake up for our morning meal, Jannah said that she wants to fast.  For now, I only let Jannah fast until Dhuzur.  I will let her have her meal with a glass of milk, she will fasts for another 4 hours and will break her fast with us AGAIN hehehez.  So far, she looks more energetic the past 2 days compared to the first day of fasting.  I can see that her appetite is way better too.   I will keep on training her this way as she doesnt have any problem waking up for her morning meals at all.  InsyaAllah.....Allah makes it easy for her.

I only managed to summon enough energy and enthusiasm at abt 3.30pm just to make these apam puteri ayu and our iftaar menu of bisteak with baguette.  Lucky me that I managed to finish and clean up on time....pheeeww!!  I thought I should give these apams a try when I saw them at Nieza's blog a few days back, really cant resist when I looked at them hehehez.  I made half of the recipe and got 29 pieces of apams.  Jannah really luvs them and had 6 pieces during iftar.  Hb asked me what were they and I told him its steamed coconut cake.  Surprisingly he tried a comment??!!!  That means he doesnt like them lah :pppppp

Source : Nieza @ Our Journey Begins
Adapted From : Kak Liza @ Intai Dapur

Ingredients A
2 Eggs*
1 Cup Sugar* (I used caster sugar)
1/2  Tblsp Ovalette*
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Essence (I used pandan paste)
1 Cup Coconut Milk / Fresh Milk (I used fresh milk)
2 Cups Self Raising Flour (I used All Purpose Flour and added 2.5 tsp baking powder & 1/2 tsp salt)

Ingredients B - Nieza & Kak Liza did not indicate any amount but I roughly used abt....
1/2 Cup White Grated Coconut (I used dessicated coconut)
A Pinch Of Salt
1/2 Tblsp Tapioca Starch

Method :
Prepare your steamer.
Lightly oil the puteri ayu moulds.

Mix all ingredents B together.  Since I used dessicated coconut, I added abt 3tblsp hot water and microwaved the mixture for abt 20 seconds.
Take some of the of the coconut mixture and press it into the Puteri Ayu moulds.

Put all the * marked ingredients A into a bowl and beat until light and flufy.
Add the vanilla essence and coconut milk / fresh milk, mix well.
Add green food colouring (optional)
Add flour and mix well.
Fill the Puteri Ayu moulds with the above mixture and steam for abt 10-15mins.

The weather has been terrible here.  Its been raining heavily since yesterday morning.  The rain has only stop for abt 2 hrs just now and its still raining heavily right now.  Hope that there'll be no major flooding around our area.  Might be another early night for me tonight.  Nitezz all ;) TTFN.........

Happy Birthday my dear mommy.  May Allah showers his blessing of health, happiness, success & wealth upon u always xoxoxox.


kasihredha said...

makin tambah sejuklah kan kat sana...hujan x henti2.
Puteri tu ayu sungguh...piringnya pun cantik :)
Happy birthday juga unk mummy annie

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Kalau hujan sejuk sikit aja....selalunya temp dbl digits. Kalau panas terik, langit biru...itu cfm sejuk giler after midnight, mesti minus deg C brrrrr. Tulang2 pun boleh keras hehehehez.

Tenkiu for the kind compliments & bday wish kak ;)

Ribbon and Circus said...

Your birthday? when? I carik dalam post tak ada pun he he :P Habby Pirthday btw... :)

neat betul hasil tgn you..kemas je kuih tu.. I tak penah2 nak beli mould kuih ni he he nanti2 lah bila dtg seru.. huhu

Yat Maria said...

Anie dear

siannn u sakit...have a good rest in bed lah sempat lg buat puteri ayu yg cun! lama dah I tak buat kuih ni many years jugak kiranya..for working mom, adalah payah nak buat kuih muih on weekdays..pontang panting balik keje pi wat juadah main dish for buka...selalu weekend jer yg I ada masa..

2nd day I sahur, lg sikit terlajak arr..dah bunyi alarm pukul 4.15, i pi snooze langsung tak sedar..aleh2 terjaga pukul 5..nasib masih kopi i problemos arr!

Anie said...


Bukan mine tapi my mom's lah hehehez. Tks for the wish btw. Ada I taruk dkt last paragraph tu ;)

Tima kasih for the kind compliments dear. This acuan I beli last yr kat baru kluar packaging. Kalau tak entah bila jer bole guna hehehez.

Anie said...


Alhamdullilah I am all better now babe. That lemsip drink really works. Tgh winter ni kulit ngan bibir semua kering. My lips ni sblah kiri ada sikit swollen sbb kering sgt :( haiiizzz

Untung ur family sbg ada isteri/ibu mithali yg sanggup pontang panting utk dorang. Kalau I kat sg, cfm beli jer wakakakaz. I buat kuih ni pun suka2 jer. Kalau takde mood, mmg malas lah.....lain ler kalau ada neighbour yg nak exchange pinggan kan :pp

Nasib tu sempat sahur...kalau tak kesian dgn budak2 tu. Cfm panjang lidah dorang nak tunggu buka hehehez.

Kongkang Malaya said...

The apam look delish la. Kalo tak bubuh ovelete agaknye ok tak?

Your photos are amazing! So artistic, love them!

U take care.

Anie said...


Tenkiu Aida, I amik gambar main hentam rules asal boleh hehehehez.

I ada google this apam's recipe yg substitute the ovalette to condensed milk. I tgk the outcome pun masih gebu jugak. U try and let me know how it is sbb my ovalette pun da running low huhuhu.

U take care too dear ;)

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! Love love love the photos that you've taken for the food that you've cooked here! Get well soon & looking forward to learn some interesting Malay cuisines here! Happy puasa!

Anie said...

Hi Jessie,

Tks for visiting my blog too and leaving a comment here (which I didnt do when I was at urs hehehez)

Thank you also for the kind compliments and wishes too ;) I luv ur blog too, its really informative. Will definitely TRY to share more recipes here hehehez