Monday, January 24, 2011

Curry Puffs

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No sheeps today, only a calf :)

Salam, Kia Ora...

Happy Monday everyone ;)  I'm still on a mission to finish 2 more kumaras~~sweet potatoes that have sprouted roots.  The menu that I chosed today is curry puffs ahakks....but I only used 1 kumara :(  I still have 1 more left.  Haven't got a clue what I should do with it at this moment.

I supposed its just gonna be a short and sweet entry today as I haven't got much to report...hehehez.  Don't have to describe much how a curry puff should taste like, I'm sure everyone knows it.  I got the pastry recipe from As @ Teratak NurKasih.  Wonders why my curry puffs pastry didn't turned out as smooth as hers...hehehez??    Anyway, enjoy the recipe ;)

PS : I was watching the 6 o'clock news while posting this entry.  The headline today:  A young woman was found burned to death at the side of a road.  Her husband has fled to Fiji with their son on the day her body was found.  Haiiizzz how can a human have the heart to do that?  It must have been a painful death for her :( *tsk* *tsk*...

Ingredients for Fillings :
  • 3 medium sized potatoes
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 2 inches ginger
  • Dried anchovies - a handful
  • Minced beef - a handful
  • 1.5 tblsp curry powder
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  • 2 sprigs curry leaves
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 tblsp canola oil
  • Water
Method :
  • Peel potatoes & sweet potato and cut into small cubes.  Boil in salt water till cooked.
  • Blend onion, garlic, ginger and anchovies until fine.
  • Heat oil in wok and stir fry the blended ingredients & curry leaves till fragrant.
  • Add curry & turmeric powder and a little bit of water to form a paste and fry further till fragrant.
  • Add minced beef and cover wok, stirring occasionally until beef are cooked.
  • Add boiled potatoes & sweet potato and stir until well incorporated.  Add salt & pepper. 
  • Simmer for abt 5 minutes and turn fire off.
  • Let filling cools down.

Ingredients for Pastry : (Makes 20 pcs)
  • 250g Standard Flour
  • 4 tblsp Hot Oil
  • A pinch of Salt
  • Water (Amount depends on flour)
Method :
  • Put flour in a large bowl.
  • Pour hot oil into flour and stir with a spoon as it is very hot.
  • Add salt to water and add water to flour little by little until a dough is formed.
  • Rest dough for 20 mins.
  • Roll our skin dough into 3 mm thick and cut into 4" round shape. Wrap up fillings and form into the shape of curry puff.
  • Seal the opening tightly and pleat it or you can seal it by using a fork.
  • Deep fry curry puffs in hot oil until golden brown.

Enjoy the week everyone.......

Me Te Aroha...With Love,
Anie ;)


kasihredha said...

ada tgn jannah le..mesti best mummy buat karipap ni kan.

kali ni mana pergi itu biri2 hihi

izahdaut said...

cantik la cetak kipap ni..mcm kelim guna jari jemari gituu...ihihi..lawooooo..tak manyk jerawat sangt cam kripap ai tau..huhu

Bakericious said...

I will never get tire of curry puff, one of my favourite snack.

Rima said...

I dah lama benar tak buat curry puff.. i think dah one year gitew.. klaim mu cantik and rapi.. pandai anak mak sorang ni hehehe

Curry puff important if kulit nye ranggup.. haizz nak pi order lah fm my ex SIL ahakss

Anie said...

Kak Kasih,

Karipap ni mmg feveret si Jannah kak, I rasa ada pedas sikit. Feveretnya pasal dia makan jer, dia ckp tak pedas...gasak mu lah anak :D

Si kambing2 tu semua takut dgn si lembu, jadi dorang tak akan gather together gether gitew ahaakkks.

Anie said...


Hehehez...itu camera trick ^_^ I guna acuan, lepas tu kelim dgn jari jemari I. Aaaahhhh yg jerawat batu semua dah semunyi kat sblah blakng pasal tu u tak nampak.

Anie said...


Me too...I'm missing the OCK ones. I dont quite like the thick pastry but the fillings are yummy ;)

Anie said...


I kalau takde org request mmg I tak kuasa nak buat...hehez :) I guna acuan pasal tu kelim dia rapi and uniformed...kalau tak cfm terkangkang2 ahaakkkss

Kalau ada SIL yg nak take my order kan best...lalalala

Unknown said...

Assalam anie,dtng nk mkn karipap lawa dan sedap ni....ada lagi ke?hehe...suka mkn karipap tapi tak suka nk buat...hehe

Yat Maria said...


ai nak gi order curry puff ngan my sis arrr...dah lama ai tak order..tgk u makan, cam terasa kat tekak..ekkk..tekak ai sekarang tgk apa jer orang wat, musti nak makan..

ai ada very2 big problemos kat opis nowadays..tak taw lah cam mana ai nak handle..skrg balik opis, nak masak pong ai paksa diri..penat tahap nak golek2 trus atas kalo stress senang naik weight, sebab byk makan titbits..wat kunyah2 masa stress...tak leh stop plak yg lagi ai risau!!!

aidah said...

Tengok Anie buat karipap baru teringat dah lama akak tak buat. Tapi akak suka karipap inti sadin.

CS said...

Just once in my lifetime I tried to make the karipap. Teruk betul ek tapi bila my aunty buat, I suka tolong bab mengelim. Bolehlah tahan cantiknya, auwww..

I sebut tepung bawang/tembosa for karipap. We always use rempah kurma, kentang, sadri, bawang n minced meat for its filling.

Maya Marisa said...

moooooo i can see the b/w cow.....:P

Anie said...


Tenkiu Nieza ;) I pun mmg malas nak buat, tapi nak mkn punya pasal buat ajer lah...hehehez

Anie said...


Alamak ni lagi satu kasi I jeles arh. Boleh main order ajer dgn kakak hmmmphh...hehehez. Actually biler I dkt SG, I dont mind yg frozen punya yg jual dkt NTUC/Giant.

Kesian arh u babe :( Keje dgn CB & MFs dkt office. I last time also keje bermati2an. Nasib blom ada family...mak yg masak. Balik keje, I mmg takde mood nak buat benda lain. Terbongkang ajer tido...baju sendiri pun tak larat nak cuci...hahahaz. I really salute u babe!!

Sabar jer lah, mkn ajalah utk hilangkan stress....hehehez ;)

Anie said...

Kak Aidah,

Tu arh kak, I pun lama tak buat sampai hb request. I also suka sardines...tapi hb no like lah :(

Anie said...


Mmg arh si karipap ni byk keje. My mom can do it free hand w/out the acuan. I kalau buat free hand cfm terkangkang2 the kelim :( buruk rupanya...hahahaz :)

Oh ok....the Indians here have the same shape thingy and called them samosa. Tapi tak sesedap karipap kita ahakkkss. Rempah kurma is better, tak pedas tapi I takde stock...kesian Jannah mkn karipap pedas. Tapi dia tak kisah, handal ajer I tgk dia handle kepedasan....:D

Anie said...


Tu arh dia boleh termasok frame plak...amik ajer lah :D

Anonymous said...

wow :O sweet potato as curry puff fillings too.

Old Chang Kee now sell chicken wings & chicken mushroom & other new varieties :))

My favorite curry puff would be Tip Top Curry Puff at Ang Mo Kio, & a cup of teh tarik. :D

im starting to watch the letture couple, I didn't know hyun joong was in the series too :)

Do u know korean makes sushi too, it's called kimbap :))


Anie said...

Hi Zhu ;)

How's ur CNY preparation? Lucky u still dont have to giveaway hong baos this yr? hehehez.

Yeah I knew abt OCK selling Chix wings...and even nasi lemak now ahakks. I had them when I went back to sg many moons ago ahakks :D

R u watching WGM 1 or 2?? The lettuce couple? Arent they from WGM 1? Hmmmm dunno if there's WGM 2 anyway hahahaz. Yeah I noe abt the kimbaps and ramen :D :D

Anonymous said...

cny preparations always leave it to mommy : D i just have to give her a big ang bao hehehez , may likely meet a few of my immediate family members that is abt it. I have a friend who's coming to singapore cny, so i will visit Marina Bay Sands Casino Huat !! $100 levy on Singaporean. :)) read in yahoo news casino employees cannot take MC in CNY or they'll be punished.

I started to watch WGM 1 yesterday cuz of ur reply & HJ too. Pace is kinda slow, I feel like I am watching a drama rather than a reality show :/ maybe im just too tired.

Yes, there is WGM 2, the 3 couples looks more compatiable, and I LOVE the Adam couple XD

hope to talk to u soon on FB chat, maybe? ;]


Anie said...


What I meant is for urself lah. Dont tell me u leave it to mumma to buy u new clothes for the new yr. :ppppp

Yeah I read abt MBS gonna impose demerit points to their employess if anyone were to take MC and the MOM is not liking it....but 250 of their employees were on MC for New Year, I supposed its good that they have this measures to accomodate the big spenders this CNY.

But....WTH!!! $100 levy for s'poreans?? That's unfair isnt it?? Why so much?? What happened to the money then?? not too happy with some religious political issues going on there as well but its not best to discuss abt the issues here ^_^

My FB chat status is always online but u r never online whenever I am online ahakkksss confusing isnt it? Oh well hope to catch up with u soon. Take care....;)

Anonymous said...

mommy is too busy wif her mahjong games rather than buying new clothes for me :P I will get myself a new pair of running shoes & the dreaded spring cleaning...

religious political issues? :/ ur refering to Lee Kuan Yew recent comments? I apologise to u on his behalf ^_^ Peace! But Im really curious why ur so worked up :P

$100 levy is a measurement to stop gambling addiction, $ probably go to paying the wages of the dealers so I will spend 24 hours in casino to win it back hahaha.. Maybe I should go to universal studios ticket $72 all attractions

heard of, it looks pretty neat to blog over there too. u might want to chk it out too? :D

Looking forward to ur next receipe : ) Take care!