Thursday, December 2, 2010

Egg in Toast

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Salam, Kia Ora....

I finally managed to source for an optician that can replace my broken glasses frames. Guess who broke them??  Of course my little missy did it...hehehez.  Anyway, my transition lenses are still in good condition, that's why I decided to keep them.  There's not many frames to choose from, but I'm not complaining as its way too expensive to get new glasses prescribed here, can easily cost up to $1000+ (not even branded or with transition lenses)....haiizz.  Cost of replacing my frames range from $49 to $63....pheewww that's a relieve isn't it ;) Ohhhhh and plus another $18 to fit my lenses into the new frames. 

Anyway, Jannah and I had a simple lunch today.  Since both me and Jannah doesn't like our eggs runny, I baked the sandwiches longer in the oven.  The bread turns out so crispy and when I bite into the crispy, buttery taste of the really reminds me of this yummy roti margarine or roti kok but without the sugar...yyuuummmzzz I really miss roti kok...uuuuwwwaaa.  It was my favourite snack, I can finish up the whole pack in one sitting......hehehehez :D

Got the idea from Mamafami.

Ingredients :

2 slices of bread
1 piece of cheese (I didn't add)
1 egg
a little knob of butter

Method :

1. Using a cookie cutter, cut the middle of 1 slice of bread.
2. Divide the 1 piece of cheese into 4 strips. (I skipped this)
3. Place the (uncut) slice of bread on toaster tray. Line the strips of cheese on top the 4 sides of bread. Stack the other slice of bread (the one with the cut-out shape) on top. Press the sides a little.
4. Gently, break the egg into the centre cut square. Put a little butter on the yolk.
5. Toast for about 10 minutes, done! Add some white or black pepper if you like.

** I buttered all sides of the breads **

I couldn't be bothered to take out my cookie cutter collection...hehehez as if I have a lot :D This heart cutter was within reach, so I just use it.

Photo of Roti Kok, courtesy of Erda's blog.

Enjoy your day everyone......

Me Te Aroha, With Love...
Anie ;)


CS said...

Those toasts sure look memberangsangkan. Mug kucing tu mesti Jannah punya kan? ;-)

Roti kok? Is it crispy, buttered n sprinkled with sugar?

BTW, your jiran dah beri verdict to the condensed milk pound cake lum?

Mas said...

salam Anie.....pepagi sarapan roti telur memang best kan....
petang ni Mas nak balik kampung...nnti kita jumpa lagi tau...he..he..tapi jap lagi ada n3...kek...

Anie said...


Mug kucing tu I yg punya...hehehez :) Jannah guna cwn plastic ajer lah :D

Betul, betul, betul...tak lain tak bukan itulah dia roti kok kegemaran kita....rindu lama tak makan...hehez

My jiran kasi verdict sama like the rest pasal that cake, lembut, lemak & gebu...habis hari tu jugak dimakan 6 ke 7 org :D

Anie said...

Salam Mas,

Waaaahhh seronoknya dpt balik kampung....nak ikkkuutttttt!! hehehez. InsyaAllah kita pasti jumpa lagi, enjoy urself Mas...